Heed not Steve

Drift and Float and


neither the clouds
what they’re doing


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Passive Aggressive

the day




Steal This Image


I sneak a glance-
a dog in the grass
with its bone


© Steve Mitchell 2014

I Don’t Even Know Who He Is But


Tyler Water




© Steve Mitchell 2014

Everyone Talks About Rain


oh and lightning -
I’d better power


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Mountain Cloud Mountain


dare I trust
these Sherpas? their heads
In the clouds


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Does Everyone Hear That?

If I had a personal theme song, a song which played everywhere I went, a song which played as I walked, as I drove, a song which announced me to every room, to every bar, to every crowd, all eyes this way because they know who’s coming, the people who like me moving close, the people who don’t getting scarce, oh yeah, if I had a song like that, a personal theme song like that, I’d surely and truly hope it was a good one.

Because that song, that personal theme song, would always, always, be stuck in my head.


short shadows -
the pigeons murmur
mumbly songs


© Steve Mitchell 2014


Until I Get a Full Brain Interface

Okay, so, here’s something I really dig about iOS8:  third party keyboards.

The native, iOS keyboard is improved, yes, but now you can also download and install third party keyboards.

You can download Swype.

For as long as I’ve had a smartphone, I’ve wanted to use the Swype keyboard.

Swype is a predictive keyboard where you type words by dragging your finger from letter to letter instead of tapping each letter individually.  It’s comes with Android but hasn’t been available for the iPhone.

I had Swype for a brief time, way back, when I jailbroke my first iPhone, but it was kind of buggy and I quit using it.

Now, though, with iOS8, there’s a full on, non-buggy version of Swype available in the app store and I bought it last night.

And it’s great.

It’s fast and it works very well and I just like it.

With it, I can see writing more, longer things on my phone than I cared to previously.

I was even going to write this post on my phone during my lunch hour, but . . . I got lazy.

It was a good sandwich.

And now I’m home.


Anyhow, to recap.

Swype is awesome.

A full-sized, real-world keyboard is king.

I like sandwiches.

Thank You Very Much

you better believe

if I had money

like Elvis had


crazy sequin glitter


I’d shoot my TV too

oh yessir

I’d shoot my radio

and my computer

I’d shoot my car

and my toilet

and my heat pump

I’d shoot my lawnmower

all that money

money bullets


buy another

always another

who needs the stress?

so much money

I’d shoot my money

I’d shoot my gun


© Steve Mitchell 2014



Don’t get us wrong.  We love him.  We still love him.

I guess we’ve always known.  We saw the signs.  He harbors so much anger, so much insecurity.

We never discouraged him his capes, his gauntlets, his … the jackboots.

He’d sign his friends’ yearbooks with the phrase, You Fools!  SEIZE HIM!!

I don’t know they were ever really his friends.  But he’s a leader.

He’s a super villain.

And that’s fine.  We love him.

It’s just hard.

It’s awkward at his island lair.  We make small talk and it’s nice to visit.  But, well, you know, it comes around – he fights the super hero.

And he’s always,





a cold moon -
the sunlight made


© Steve Mitchell 2014


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