Heed not Steve

Easter Evening

This Easter

we eat ham and potatoes and green beans.

And we drink red wine.

My wife gives the dogs a bath.

Our younger son plays Minecraft.

Our older son will stop by for a haircut

I go outside.

Three boys ride their bikes down the alley. Sirens echo from the freeway.

I decide to have a cigar, the first I’ve had since February.

It tastes good.

But I might not finish it

this Easter


on the west
won’t hold still moon -
now it’s south


© Steve Mitchell 2014

There’s That

no rain but -
a little brown bird on
a tall red chair


© Steve Mitchell 2014

There May Have Been Alcohol

There once was a man with a plan

to sell frozen flan in Iran.

He borrowed a van

from a buddy named Stan,

and drove it right into the sea.


© Steve Mitchell 2014


boyhood box
lustrous feathers and rocks
bottle caps


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Maybe on the Next Go Around

A blood moon?

I ‘d never heard of such a thing.  A blood moon?  Really?

I wanted to stay up and see it.  It might be a once in a lifetime thing.

How can I pass up a once in a lifetime thing?

A blood moon!  Those probably only happens once in, once in a, um . . . well, once in a blue moon.


Eh, but, you know; the eclipse didn’t start until so late in the night.

Lucie and I struggled to stay up.

We looked at the moon once around ten.  It shined bright and normal.

We checked again around 11 and the eclipse had just started, maybe, sort of.

We dragged ourselves out at 11:30 and the moon was half eclipsed but not really red at all.

Then we went to sleep.

I felt kind of guilty.  I gave up on this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity.

But life goes on and, hey!  I did, at least, manage to get a photo:


Well, no, it’s not the moon.

It’s the foil from the bottle of wine Lucie and I shared with dinner.

But it’s round.

And it’s red.

Close enough.


Tonight Sky

moon blood


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Lola Again

Lola in the yard -
again she barks
at birds and shadow


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Street Miracle

“You, there!  Sir!  A moment, if you please.  I have here an envelope.  Inside is a card upon which I wrote this morning.

I am going to demonstrate either I am psychic or you or psychic.  Either I’ve psychically predicted what you will think in the very near future or you will psychically deduce what I’ve written in the not so distant past!  Are you ready?


Before we proceed, let me just say something.  Ay, bee, cee, dee, eee, eff, gee – aitch, aye, jay, kay-

Now, is THIS what you are thinking?”  He rips open the envelope and displays the card.  On the card is written Tomato.


“Look closely!  Are you sure?”


“Not tomato?”


“Well, then.  What are you thinking?”


“What?  That doesn’t even -”


“Oh!  Perhaps like THIS?”  He flips the card.  The back side is blank.  “Oh look!  A rabbit!”  He drops the card.  He runs with slapping footsteps.  He jumps into a car with a slam of the door.  He starts the car and pulls out with a chirp of the tires.  He drives away.



© Steve Mitchell 2014

A Little Breeze On An Oh So Warm Spring Day

if you please
make some breeze


© Steve Mitchell 2014


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