Heed not Steve


Gustav Keller sits at his desk under the stark lights of the offices of TransJectory Vector Propulsion Labs, Inc.

He sighs.

Sami Patel looks up from his own desk under the same stark lights.  “What’s wrong, Gus?”  He asks.

“Oh, man, I don’t know.  It’s – yeesh.  These extrapolations have me coming and going.”  He taps his pencil.

“Are you using the Neuburg template?’

“Yeah, but -“

“Because we’ve gone over the Neuburg template.  Remember, I showed you?”

“You showed me, but I’m still kind of hazy.”  Gustav shrugs.

“Well, it’s not rock-” Sami stops himself.  “Wait.  It is rocket science!”

“HahaHa!  Rocket science!” says Gustav and he high fives Sami.

“Ahhaha!”  Answers Sami. “Rocket science!”

“Good one!”

“Ahh.  I never get tired of that.”  Sami wipes a tear.

“That’s fun.”

“Good times.”

“So, anyhow … yeah.”  Gustav frowns.  “It’s hard.”


© Steve Mitchell 2014



Older Getting

I somehow pull a
muscle in my neck – just
changing my mind


 © Steve Mitchell 2014


dramatic reenactment based on actual real life events…

And Now a Super Detailed and Highly Technical, in Depth Review of Mac OS X Yosemite

Mac OS X Yosemite:

It’s nice.

Thank you.







Oh, well, okay let’s see.



Umm, you might remember, when last I left yesterday, I was in the middle of a marathon download, trying to install Yosemite.  It took over 11 hours to finish the download to my computer.

Before deciding to upgrade, I’d read dozens and dozens of reviews, many of them glowing, some of them scary.

Depending on who you ask, Yosemite is beautiful, warm and gorgeous or it’s crude, ugly and hard to read.  It’s stable or it’s buggy.  It’s faster or it’s slower.  It installs easily or it hangs for hours and days.  It’s mature or it’s childish.  It works with all your devices or it doesn’t.

I finally decided to just go with the handful of reasonable sounding tech reviewers who said, “Go ahead and upgrade – it’s the most stable release yet.”

So, after 11 hours of downloading from the overloaded Apple servers, the actual install only took about 25 or 30 minutes and was painless.

I didn’t lose my wifi.  I didn’t lose my default settings or my photos.  The system didn’t heat up or slow down or catch fire or lock up.

It was sort of a non-event.  It was kind of anti-climatic.

Anyhow, what do I think of Yosemite?

Well, I like it.  I like the new interface very much.  It seems a little faster, but I don’t know that it is.  It functions very much the same as Mavericks, but I like the frosted glass look and the new icons and the streamlined feel.  I enjoy looking at it.  I enjoy using it.

I remember when iOs 7 came out for the iPhone I wasn’t keen on the new look.  I thought it looked a little too simplistic and almost cartoonish.  But it’s grown on me and Yosemite has a similar sort of look and feel without seeming like a giant phone screen all over the desktop.

As far as the new features in Yosemite, like handoff and notification widgets and AirDrop and iCloud Drive and super spotlight and I don’t recall what all else, well, I’m keen on using them.  But, I’m not enough of a power user to immediately take full advantage of them.

I’ve only just grown sort of accustomed to the idea of the cloud and of integrating my phone and the desktop.  It’ll likely be a gradual process, changing my computing habits to match the new technology.  Yosemite won’t revolutionize how I do what I do but it’ll surely add more convenience.

And I guess that’s it.

There you have it.

To summarize, Mac OS X Yosemite:

It’s nice.

Because Technologies

After much reading and pondering and head scratching, I’ve decided to go ahead and upgrade our desktop to Mac OS X Yosemite.


I’m downloading it as I type.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been downloading it.

I was downloading it as I ate lunch.

I was downloading it as I drank my morning coffee.

I’ve been downloading it all day.

At this rate, I’ll be downloading it when Alec goes to bed.

It’s only a five gigabyte file but, sheesh.  It’s been going since 9am and now, more than nine hours later, there’s still nearly a gigabyte remaining.

But, I’m not complaining – much.  Not really.  It’s free and all, and the Apple servers are undoubtedly under load, so…

I’ll tell you what I think of the new operating system.



Let Us Play With Your Look – Halloween Party Pictures 2014

I mentioned yesterday Lucie and I were going to our friend Barry’s 20th annual Halloween party.  And I said no one would likely know what we’re supposed to be.

And I was right.

Lucie, Cos (our older son) and I went dressed as characters from Jimmy Fallon’s Let Us Play With Your Look skits on his late night show.  If you follow the link to youtube, you’ll see what we were going for.

So, no one knew what we were but everyone liked our costumes.  And we won the prize for Most Original.

Here’s some quick photos.  The outside shots are always grainy and dark; I’m kind of pathological about not using a flash.

Me, Lucie and Cos with our boxes of hair accouterments.

Cos, Lucie and me with our boxes of hair accouterments.


I'm not angel ... but I do have a halo.

I’m no angel … but I do have a halo.


Our friend Lola was there as Divine.

Our friend Lola was there as Divine.



Our host Barry as the Joker oversees the gingerbread man eating contest.  Divine won this round but may have cheated.

Our host Barry, as the Joker, oversees the gingerbread man eating contest. Divine won this round but may have cheated just a little.


And speaking of Batman villains, Alec didn't attend this year (he went to a classmate's birthday party) but here he is in his Scarecrow costume.

And speaking of Batman villains, Alec didn’t attend this year (he went to a classmate’s birthday party) but here he is in the Scarecrow costume we made him.


Cosmo's girlfriend, B, as Barney/Robot from How I Met Your Mother.

Cosmo’s girlfriend, B, went as Barney the Robot from How I Met Your Mother.


Barry hand feeding me escargot.  He spoils his guest.  Wait ... escargot is SNAILS?

Barry hand feeding me escargot. He spoils his guest. Wait … escargot is SNAILS?


My Sweetie

My Sweetie

Halloween Party Tonight


Our friends, Barry and Isabel, host a big Halloween costume party every year.  I believe this is the 20th annual party!



I’ll tell you all about our costumes tomorrow, but most people probably won’t have any idea what Lucie and I are supposed to be.

It’ll still be fun.

Today I’ll just ask, What do you do when you need gold shoes?

Well, duh.

You get thrift store shoes and gold spray paint!

The painter's tape cost almost as much as the shoes.  I've removed the golf spikes.

The painter’s tape cost almost as much as the shoes. I’ve removed the golf spikes.

Ready for the Midas touch...

Cleaned with acetone and ready for the Midas touch…

The Krylon touch works too.  Don't breathe it.

The Krylon touch works too. But don’t breathe it.

You can do anything but lay off of my two-toned shoes.

You can do anything but lay off of my two-toned shoes.


Okay, that’s it for now.  I’ve gotta go spray paint some rope …


Quoth the Pumpkin


Hey, now!    What’s all this doodle Tom-foolery?

Who’s ever heard of a Jack O’ Lantern with no nose?

That’s just silly talk.

I’ve certainly never heard of any such thing.


Oh, stop it.  Of course I don’t have ears.

You know what I mean.

You think you’re all so cool with your thumbs and your, your, haircuts, and your pants.

Why, I have half a mind to come over there and give you a piece of my, well, you know . . . my mind.

I would, too.  But, it seems I have no feet.

And I have no cab fare.


I have no mind.



Never mind.

Nothing a Little Nutmeg Won’t Fix



My Jack O’ Lantern has no nose.

How does he smell?



hah! hahahaHA! hyuk hyuk! *snort*

But seriously,

he can’t smell a thing.


© Steve Mitchell 2014

I’ve Got Me a New Phone and It Can Count My Steps and I’m On My Feet All Day at Work But I Still Walked Less Than the 10,000 Steps Everyone Says You Should Walk Each Day and, Anyhow, the Phone Doesn’t Measure Total Time Standing and My Feet Sure Are Tired – It’s a Nice Phone, Though

Siri, how many steps have I taken today?

Okay.  Here’s what I found on the web for ‘How many steps have I taken today.’

Right.  Okay, thanks.  I’ll look it up myself.




So, I’m all, like, “Whoa whoa Whoa WHOA!”

And he’s all, “HEY … HEY!!”

Then she’s all, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

And he gets all, “What the who huh what?”

And I’m all, *gulp*

Then she’s all, like, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?’

And he’s all, “Bahh!!”

And the wildflower is all, like …

The wildflower is all …

The wildflower is.



© Steve Mitchell 2014



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