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Like Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

For over ten years, since he was just a little goober, Alec has asked variations of this question:  If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I’ve never had much answer.

His answer, though, has bounced around between combinations of flight and super-speed and super-strength and invisibility and time control.

But last night, as we all watched TV, he nailed it.

He came up with the perfect super power.

He came up with the power I’d want – the power to end all powers.

“If I could have any super power,” he said, “it would be the ability to slap sense into people.”


the world's problems fixed, one slap at a time ...



Change and Remain

At work, a few days ago, I was told to take my my multi-meter and trade it in for a newer model.

What?  I wondered.  Trade it in?  But this is a great meter. 

Evidently, with new OSHA requirements and blah blah blah … turn it in.


Now, see, I’m not especially materialistic.  Sure, I like nice things.  And I like new things.  But I don’t always need or want the newest and fanciest things.

I do get attached, though.  I get attached to the things I’ve had awhile, especially when they work well.

I’m sentimental.

I’d had this meter for over 13 years, from my first week in the post office.  I’d used it to troubleshoot more problems than I can recount.  It’d been one of the most essential tools in my bag and it had always, every time, for all those 13 years, worked without a hitch.

So, I’ll admit it.  I was sad.  I didn’t want to trade in my meter.

But I did.

And they gave me a new meter, the same brand as the old meter, and it had some new features and was missing some old features, but…well, hey!

It was shiny and new and still in the plastic!

I’m almost ashamed to tell you how quickly I abandoned my sentiment.  It took mere seconds.

And I’ve already used the new meter to locate a bad 70amp fuse in one of my machines.

And so, well.

Change is constant.

Still, I hope somebody, somewhere, gets some good use out of that old meter.


So long, Buddy

A Plane Flies Through a Dry Storm While I Stand In the Backyard and Try to Catch Lightning in a Bottle – A Haiku in 3000 Words






the rain
he mumbles with
a gesture


© Steve Mitchell 2014



selfish is it


you with

no shoes


no eyes


with us

on the dry grass


your head

up laugh!


our arms


watch us



© Steve Mitchell 2014

Without Rain

thunder but no rain -
the sky hangs yellow
and grey


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Any Old Dog

In the car, on a sticky-hot day, in sticky-hot traffic, Alec and I chat.

We chat about this and we chat about that.

He sees a work truck with a sign,  Any Old Dog Can Do It and complains it’s a terrible company slogan.  I don’t see the truck.  We’ve passed it.

“I think I’ll start a company,” I tell him, “called Mediocre Industries.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” Alec says.  “Don’t quit your job to start a company with that name.”


He’s probably right.


that old dog
too tired to run even
in his sleep


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Change for Change’s Sake

so much time
fixing things
ain’t broke


© Steve Mitchell 2014

Do or Do Not . . . Oh, Hey, Did Someone Say Donuts?

Well, I haven’t written much about fitness, lately, because I’m honestly not qualified to tell anyone how to do…well, anything.  

But, I’ve kept at it.  I exercise and eat more healthier foods than not.  I practice intermittent fasting.  I floss my teeth and, as much as it pains me to think it, I’ve nearly quit cigars.

And I’m into size 34 pants again.  I never, ever, thought I’d see the day when I’d fit back into a size 34!

Have I said that in previous posts?  I probably have.


Here’s the thing which has just recently occurred to me.  Exercise is necessary, beyond a doubt, and, because of it, I feel stronger and more flexible and more energetic.  But, when I see personal improvement in my weight and in my waist size, it’s invariably more the result of diet and less the result of exercise.

And that’s not news – I’ve read it dozens of times.  I’ve witnessed it.

And when I say diet, I mean attention to nutrition.

And when I say it’s occurred to me, I mean it’s finally sunk in.

Nutrition is the foundation.

What you eat affects your weight and your body shape and it affects how well you can exercise and what results you get from exercise.

I’ve been trying to build my fitness house from the top down and it’s slow going.

So, that’s where I’m at.

I think I could jump it up a notch.  I think I could achieve results I’ve always thought were beyond me.

But, it’ll require a stronger foundation.

I’ve got to research this more.

I’ve got some pondering to do.



You're an odd bird, Bobblehead Yoda . . .

Scratch and Sniff

uchh, so many -
how should I say this?


© Steve Mitchell 2014


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