Heed not Steve

And Carried

my words
plucked away by
the breeze


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Dimly By The Light

a moon outside
the drapes maybe –


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Nature Most Sublime

a still day –

the birds outside chirping

their asses off


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Yet I Do

whether or not
I check


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Did I Include a Bowtie? Noh, I Did Not.


You must pay the rent.


But I can’t pay the rent.


You MUST pay the rent!


But I CAN’T pay the rent!


I’ll pay the rent!




CURSES! Foiled again!

Dreams Exhaled Through The Nose

I miss

the melancholy



our solemn


under mandolin


our lust

our blue



© Steve Mitchell 2017

WhatCat says What

the sky full of rain
our cat sleeps
on the floor


© Steve Mitchell 2017

And My Coworkers Have Trees

spring day –
I bring home two grapefruits
my wife yells grapefruits!


© Steve Mitchell 2017

If There’s Anything

Mr. Owl, how many steps does it take to get to the center of the Universe?

A good question. Let’s find out.  A one…A twoHOO…A three…

aaarrrrgh  [*kerthud*]

A three!

Mr. Owl!  Mr. Owl?  Are you saying it’s three steps?  Are you saying we’re born, we live, and we die?

A good question. Let’s find out. A one…A two-

Oh, never mind, Mr. Owl. 


That Way and That

I have a crick in my neck.  But oh well.

I open my iPad and resume work on a painting.  It’s of my dad from a photo of him as a toddler.

Well, it’s a digital copy of the photo.

It’s a digital painting I paint.

He was an analog toddler.

And I’m struck by the photo, how much he looked like me at that age, how much he looked like Alec.

I loose track of time.  I’m absorbed.

The sun goes down.

My wife texts me from the gym; she’s almost done.  She’s almost home.

What time is it?

Oh, my.

I close the iPad for the day.  I come back to the world. I close the living room blinds.

And you know what else?

I have a crick in my neck.

orange blossoms –
the first evening
of spring


© Steve Mitchell 2017