Heed not Steve

A Little Monday Morning Message for my Sweetie

Hangs In The Air

constitutional –
cicadas buzzing
like they do


© Steve Mitchell 2017


the cat


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Ultra Rare Rorschach Scratch ‘N Sniff Inkblot 

Something about this smells fishy…

Regular Ol’ Pants

Dapper Dave
all the rave
with his
those shoes
to boot
are they
the question’s
Dave’s the man
his name is


© Steve Mitchell 2017

They call me Snappy Stan

A Couple of Few Photos Or Three

Just some photos. 

On Friday, I mentioned I’d be heading to Norman for work training.

Well, It’s all proceeding in accordance with the prophecy:

My home for two weeks…

I also mentioned Lucie and I were going to go camping with friends in order to watch the Perseids meteor showers.

Well, we did go camping with friends, but it was too rainy and overcast for meteor watching (I did manage to see one meteor, though.)

Still, we had a great time. There was much friendship and nauture and booze.

The view from our campsite.

Down in Bear Canyon Lake

Mine and Lucie’s camp home. It even kept us dry and warm during a hail storm!

My Sweetie, the best part of the trip.

Or Something Like It

sunrise –
some little bird
says meep


© Steve Mitchell 2017

It’s Friday and Here’s Some Things:

Let’s see.

Today was Alec’s first day back to school.

He’s a Junior, now.

I know!  Right?  goddamn!

I can use the full profanity because he’s nearly seventeen.  And he doesn’t read this blog.  But my mom does.

Sorry, Mom.


So far so good, one day in.  He’s got all familiar teachers except for his physics teacher and his pre-calculus teacher.  He thinks he’ll like them.

What else?

Tomorrow, Lucie and I are going northeast to camp with friends.  We’re just staying until Sunday.  The plan is to see the Perseids meteor shower unobstructed by light pollution.

But, the forecast calls for overcast weather and potential rain.


We’ll see.

Okay, one last thing.  On Monday, I go to Oklahoma for two weeks of training.  I’ll be taking computer networking.  It should be good.

I’m a little concerned about my toolbox, however.  See, my toolbox neighbor, when he went on a two week vacation, returned to find his toolbox decorated with used machine belts, parts, and debris, suchly:


Hope you have a pocket knife…

Well, that’s not quite how he found it.  He returned more to something like this:


You can’t see the bubble wrap under the wheels…

Now, I’m not saying I had anything to do with the condition of his toolbox.

But.  I did have anything to do with the condition of his toolbox.

And there, just to the right of his box…is my toolbox.  It’s just sitting there, vulnerable, for the next two and half weeks.

Lord knows what I’ll find when I return.

In the meantime, I hid more bubble wrap, only this time, it’s hidden under the wheels of my box – just a little opening salvo should anyone decide to move it.

I’ll surely pay for it.


It’s Thursday and Our Hero Tries Something New – He Goes to Sleep *Then* Writes a Haiku

hrmmmmm *snorrt* huh wha? no I’m just…


© Steve Mitchell 2017