Heed not Steve

Sit and Wait

humid breeze –
that low thunder


© Steve Mitchell 2015


Other Side

IMG_8066look at that grass
that green, green grass –
over there


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Back Home in the Heat

Whoo!  It’s warm.

Do you know I know that?

I can see it on my watch.


I ordered it.  I ordered the 38mm Apple Watch Sport with the white band.  I also ordered a black band which hasn’t shipped yet.

Initially, the order said my watch would ship in June.  Then, a couple of weeks later, they said it’d be three to five weeks.  Then, the very next day, it shipped!

The Apple Watch arrived two days ago and I arrived today.

I’ve only just set up the watch.  I didn’t even open the shipping box until after Lucie and I went out for a nice brunch.

I looked forward to the watch, sure, but I even more looked forward to seeing my Sweetie!

Anyhow.  I’ll write in greater detail about the watch later.

It’s only a couple hours old but, so far, I like it.  The white band feels a little conspicuous for my taste and it’s been years since I’ve worn a watch and I had to reboot my phone and the watch to get Apple Pay to load correctly onto the watch.

But, otherwise, so far, I’m digging it.

And I’m happy to be home.

fly, fly, fly

fly, fly, fly

What could it be?

What could it be?

It came with the smaller band attached.  I had to change it to the longer strap.

It came with the smaller band attached, so I installed the longer strap. And I played with the watch face, too.

I live in the future ...

Wear it like a lefty.  I live in the future …

None More Days and a Wake Up

Well, that’s that, another class completed here at Norman. Tomorrow I get up stoopid early and fly home.


Here’s a quick snap of the hotel:

That’s just the front. There’s a whole huge part you can’t see in this photo.


This was a short class and the weather was uncharacteristically pretty great.

But I’m happy to be going home. Oh yes.

Goodnight, Norman.

Good morning, Tempe!



cloud break –
she cranes her neck
to meet the sun


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Dinner in the Hotel and I Hear Variations on Pretty Much the Same Four or Five Conversations Every Night

We all like our words.

We talk and talk and talk, our realities bouncing about, all assert and justify and assert and repeat. 

But reality is its own thing, always and infinite, not spoken into existence, muffled and loud, around a forkful of whipped potatoes. 

Words about reality don’t make reality. 

That’s what I say …


dark and rain –
the smokers each one hand
deep in a pocket


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Ain’t Never Gonna Catch Me!

Let’s play a game.


Here goes.



duck, duck,


duck …





I tagged you and called you a turtle! Ha!

You’ll never catch me.

Turtles can’t run!

Can they?





um, in that case …




© Steve Mitchell 2015

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy belated birthday, Shannon!

For those of you reading at home who are not Shannon or who don’t know who she is, Shannon is my sister. She’s my only sibling.

And yesterday was her birthday.

I posted to her Facebook, sure.

But, here today, Shannon, I got you this:

IMG_7991I know, right? Just what you always wanted!

Don’t worry. Lucie has your other gifts.

Anyhow, as you know, I’m still in Norman and won’t make it over tonight. But, I hope you have and have had a great day and lots o’ loot.

I love you. Happy Birthday!!

And They All Had a Blast

The second greatest trick the devil ever pulled was during a dinner party in 1978.

He pointed to the host and said, “Pull my finger.”

The host pulled the devil’s finger.

And the devil farted.

He farted fire.

He farted fire and brimstone.

The dinner guests jumped. Then they noticed the scorch marks.

They pointed and they cheered and they clapped.

The devil turned and, to his own surprise, in rough scorched wallpaper, at butt level, he saw a perfect portrait of Darth Vader.


He hadn’t even known he could fart fire.

And he played it off like the portrait had been his plan all along.


© Steve Mitchell 2015


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