Heed not Steve

When You Need Them You Need Them

late morning –
he squints at an end cap
of readers


© Steve Mitchell 2022 

Not Dinetime

lunchtime –
I sit and


© Steve Mitchell 2022 


early morning –
his lock screen
lights a path


© Steve Mitchell 2022 


autumn air –
he window shops
from the couch


© Steve Mitchell 2022 

Oddly Enough

waning crescent –
I never sleep
in my dreams


© Steve Mitchell 2022 

The People


Stop! STOP! I’m not John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Yes you are!

I’m not.

But –

I’m John Jacob Dinglemyer Schmidt.


Really. I do get this a lot.

Because you look just like him.

You think so? I don’t see it; he’s balding and has that mustache.

No. the other one. The tall one.

Oh! Right. Yeah, I guess there’s a resemblance.

Sorry about that. Sooo, we’ll just start again. THERE GOES JOHN HACOB…Needle-



Very nice. Umm. Is that it? There’s nothing…more?

*sigh* fine -da da da da da da da

Thank you!

Oh, look over there! It’s them! We’ve got to go shout! Nice meeting you Needlemyer.

It”s Dingle- ahh, never mind.


© Steve Mitchell 2022 

This Side Of That

first week of fall –
nose hairs advancing
on my mustache


© Steve Mitchell 2022 

For Broke

Hey, Neighbor, new car?

Yup. I just picked it up. What do you think? Nice, huh?

Yeah, it looks pretty nice, but…

What? But what? You don’t like it? It’s top of the line.

No, no! It’s nice. It’s just, well…It sure is loud.

Loud? You think it’s loud?

Yeah, it’s pretty loud. I could hear it all the way to the main road.


Yeah. Sorry.

Don’t be! That’s awesome!

Wait. You want it to be that loud?

You bet I do.


It means I got my money’s worth. I paid top dollar for ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES!


Don’t be jealous.

It sounds like a troupe of clowns falling down the stairs.

Money well spent.


© Steve Mitchell 2022 


new moon –
his father’s watch dial
glows in the dark


© Steve Mitchell 2022 

Always Behind

Excuse me. What time is it?

It’s 8:24 and 43 seconds.

Okay, thanks. But, well, what I meant was – what time is it now?


© Steve Mitchell 2022