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We Spent the Day at Universal Studios in Hollywood and Smoke From the Santa Clarita Wildfire Hung Overhead

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter…
Beware “He-who-must-not-be-named”

The View From Our Hotel in Las Angeles…


Vacation Hat in the Hot California Sun

So, today was the first full day with my new vacation hat.  

It’s nice. It looks nice. 

They sent me natural instead of white which is fine.

But still, I don’t love this hat. It’s polypropylene. It has a minimal sweat band. It doesn’t breathe very well. It feels plastic in my hands. 

But the price was right. It’s comfortable and it keeps the sun off my head. 

It’s a nice beach hat. It’s a nice vacation hat. 

My arms still got burned, though…

Until the Ocean

go west




© Steve Mitchell 2016

Release the Zees

the heat

too late goodnight 



© Steve Mitchell 2016

Summer Storm

and the dog says


© Steve Mitchell 2016

Oh No Routine 

the summer
rolls on – days


© Steve Mitchell 2016

Date Overnight – A Three Thousand Word Pictorial Haiku about Driving Up the Mountain with My Sweetie to See the Psychedelic Furs in Concert






Into the Future

Well, it probably won’t be perfect; perfection is a tough gig.  But, I went ahead and ordered a hat for my vacation.

It’ll arrive Monday.

As much as I enjoyed online window shopping for premium, Panama hats, I didn’t really want to spend premium money for a vacation hat.


After getting Lucie’s feedback on a handful of hat contenders, I purchased one of my earlier picks – the Cameron model fedora from the Wallaroo hat company.

It’s a synthetic, ivory-colored, straw hat.  It has a three inch brim, a thin leather band, a pinch crown and a UPF 50 rating.

Alas.  I don’t have a time-travel, future camera to show you a photo of how the hat will look on me.

But, wait.

I do happen to have painstakingly detailed and authentic, photo-realistic, time-travel rendering of what I’ll look like in the hat on Monday:


I seem to like it…


Oh, and Sunglasses Too

I need a hat.

I’ve been shopping online for a hat.

Specifically, I need a hat to keep those pesky, harmful, UV rays off my head and face and ears and neck.

Honestly, I guess I don’t need one.  I want one.

Yeah, I want a hat.

Why do I want one, you ask?

Well, it’s for my vacation.  I’m on vacation, officially, as of…. today!


We’re going to Universal Studios in California after a brief stop in San Diego, but I won’t tell you exactly when.  I don’t want all the internet robbers coming around while we’re gone.  Or worse, I don’t want roving bands of Pokemon Go players in our backyard.

Do they rove?

I think they rove.


A couple of years ago, at Disneyland, I got a nasty sunburn on my scalp, in my part.  So, I bought a nice, gambler-style, straw hat.  I like it, but it has Micky Mouse on it.  That’s fine for Disneyland; it made me look like I worked there.  But…

I want a different hat.

And I’m going a little crazy.  Being an introvert, being lazy, I’ve crawled the inter webs, but I can’t decide what I want.

Do I want a cheap, throw away hat?  Do I want an expensive keeper?

Do I want outback or a Panama or safari?  Do I wan’t crushable or packable or rigid?  Do I want stylish or beat up or outdoorsy?

And the reviews don’t help. For each hat I’ve considered, at least one reviewer says Fit was too large, while another says, hat was smaller than expected!  One says Brim is too floppy while another says brim holds up fine in all weather.

So, that’s where I am.

Everyday this week I’ve settled for a different hat.  Every day I’ve changed my mind.

Maybe I don’t want a hat at all.

Instead, maybe what I really want is…the perfect hat.


That’s a tall order.

The Perfect Hat

Wish me luck.


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