Heed not Steve


oh to be 3 D

his shadow

climbs the wall


© Steve Mitchell 2018


Up With The Sun

I leave for work
as the sun peeks over
the horizon


© Steve Mitchell 2018

Asphalt Way

yellow day

hot day

that car smells like gas


© Steve Mitchell 2018

Blue Dark Night

spring evening
under our edge
of the sky


© Steve Mitchell 2018


summer is coming –
my neighbor with his
power tools


© Steve Mitchell 2018

The Earth a Machine


Hello?  Hello?


I’ve done it!  I’ve traveled forward in time!  Yes!

I left on May 11th and arrived, just now, on May 16th!

The Future!

Time Travel!

I won’t bore you with the technical details.  I will say there was still some subjective sense of the passing of time.  It didn’t feel like an instant, or a blink.

Here, let me do the math real quick:

24 hours in a day…
carry the three…
divide by Pi…
subtract the remainder…



Well.  According to my calculations, for every second of subjective time I experienced while time traveling, one second of real time elapsed.  So…that doesn’t-

It doesn’t seem all that impressive, really, when you do the math.


Back to drawing board.

it flies on towards a mark not ours to know

our memories and histories unleashed

does tear the air and leave behind a glow

time’s flaming arrow once nocked and once released