Heed not Steve

Seven Years Back

our days




Well That’s Just Bad Luck









© Steve Mitchell 2017

Your Starchy Diversity 

If I were the Borg, I know who I’d assimilate first.  You know, just to get my Borg legs….



pop pop



We are…Mr. Potato Borg.


Just too easy!

Not For The First Time

this cool weather
in my sinuses
itching one eye


© Steve Mitchell 2017

And The Birds Won’t Whistle ‘Til Morning

quiet of night –
he folds laundry or at least
his hands do


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Don’t Read This Barry! Literally Phoning in Halloween 2017

As you all may recall, our friends Barry and Isabel throw a major Halloween party every year. Lucie and I attend most years and try to come up with elaborate costumes.

I don’t think Barry reads my blog, but I always warn him, before I discuss our costumes, because he likes to be surprised.

Unfortunately, this year, I’ll be in Norman Oklahoma (yet again!) for more training, and I’ll miss the party.


Since I won’t be there this year, Lucie decided to just phone in her costume. She saw a Snow White costume on eBay and picked it up.


It was crafted by woodland creatures…

It’s fast, easy, and comfortable.  As an added touch, she’s going to glue a little songbird to a ring and wear it so she’ll have the bird perched on her finger all night.

Before she’d bought the Snow White costume, I’d wondered if there were any sort of costume I could FaceTime from Oklahoma.  I thought maybe Max Headroom, but there’s no readily available masks or makeup for that, and I don’t relish the idea getting all that together in a hotel room.  Plus, I don’t really want to FaceTime a party.  That’d get pretty dull, pretty fast.

But!  After seeing her costume, I got an idea.

Self, I thought, I’ll just make a picture of me as The Prince and she can have it on her phone and show it around the party as a ‘picture of her future husband.’

It’ll be like we’re there as a couple…sort of.


With my usual high degree of technical prowess and seriousness of craft, sparing no detail, painstakingly and meticulously, I set about making myself into the prince.

Et voilà!


Which way to the snacks?

I know, right?


It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable costume I’ll ever wear.

I’m literally phoning it in.

I hope I win a prize.

So Close To Earth

sliding door –
he puts his head outside
stars at night


© Steve Mitchell 2017


moonrise –

some days days go great



© Steve Mitchell 2017

And Toothpaste On My Phone

the moon all silver –
I floss my teeth because
whose else would I floss?


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Enough So

up the small tree is


© Steve Mitchell 2017