Heed not Steve


a photo
just because –
red hibiscus


© Steve Mitchell 2015


I’m Tired After a Hard Day at Work, Sure …

… but Mr. Rufus has me beat.

dogtiredlet the pigeons
bob and strut –
for now


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Ether Road Run


analog people
noisy with words –
digital birds


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Now With Less 60’s Sci-Fi, Euro-Fashion Astronaut …

When I ordered my Apple Watch sport, I wanted the black sport band, but Apple doesn’t offer the black band with the silver aluminum watch.

I don’t know why.

So, I ordered my watch with a white band and placed a separate order for a black band.

The watch arrived nearly three weeks ago.  The black band only just arrived today.

And I like it.

I don’t know why Apple doesn’t offer this combination.

Here it is.


Can't see the hairs against the black ...

Can’t see them hairs against the black …

I think a midnight blue, sport band would look great as well, if they ever make such an animal.


That’s all.

I’ll still wear the white band, occasionally, out and about.

But, the black band will be my daily driver.


We Give the Names


palm fronds
in the wind nature ignores
my thinkery


© Steve Mitchell 2015

With Both Hands

grit and wind –
that homeless guy drags
a broken branch


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Bar Trivia Hustlers! This Post Meanders a Bit

I’m a little over tired.

Last night, Lucie and I had a lovely night out.  It was our friend Mary’s birthday so we went with a bunch of friends and celebrated her birthday at a local pub.

Also, it was trivia night, and in honor of Mary’s birthday, the questions had a ‘Mary’ theme.

Also, Lucie and I had never competed in one of these trivia nights and had no idea how it worked (we weren’t alone) but we jumped in, playing as a team, and, lo and behold, emerged clutching victory in our new-to-bar-trivia-night grasps!

Also, it’s too bad there was no wagering involved …


One of Mary’s friends also had an Apple watch.  I noticed it right away but most people didn’t.  Eventually, some folks asked him what the Apple watch does and his attempts to describe it were familiar to me.

It’s not all that interesting.

When someone asks me what my watch does, I shrug and list its various features, emphasizing notifications, then I sort of trail off.

I mostly use it to tell time.

But there’s more.

And now I meander.

It’s very hard to explain the emotional appeal of my watch, when, in reality, it’s ignored on my wrist more than it’s used.

Basically, though, besides being well made and handsome, it’s persistently and subtly useful.

I use the timer at lunch so I don’t have to keep track of the time.

I check the charge on my phone with it.

I check the weather (sometimes) with it.

I track my steps and activity and exercise with it.

I occasionally answer my phone with it.

I control my iTunes with it.

I make reminders to myself with it.

I recieve text messages with it and other notifications with it.

And that last one is a big one.

I’ve got it filtered so I’m not pestered with nonsense all day long and most of my notifications are from real people.  I get their texts in realtime which I like (even if I can’t always respond right away).  And now, I don’t feel compelled to pull my phone out and check it a dozen times or more, because I’ll know when someone has texted me.

And really, the person who texts me most is Lucie.  And I can’t describe it, but getting a little tap on the wrist, then lifting my watch and seeing a message from her always makes me happy.

Texts from Lucie on my phone are nice and I’m curious to see what she’s written, but on the watch, it’s more like she’s right there with me.  It feels more immediate.  It feels more personal.

It’s the same with texts from anyone, actually.  Except only Lucie gives me that brief, goofy, lovebird feeling.  With everyone else, it just feels nicer, less impersonal, maybe, in part, because the tap on the wrist is a much more pleasant attention getter than the buzz of the phone.

It’s polite.

On the down side?

Well, I’m reluctant to speak into my watch in front of people.  It’s not a natural gesture at this point in our culture.

The watch always reminds me to stand (which, really, I don’t mind.)

Siri is still learning to understand me.

The pre-loaded text responses are pretty good but very impersonal and almost curt.

Some of the items on the watch are just at the threshold of my far-sightedness.

I can’t do all of my kettlebell exercises while wearing the watch for fear of busting the watch face.

I’m somewhat self-conscious, still, while wearing it because it’s new and expensive and people think what they think and I really, honestly, don’t wear it to impress.


Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

Bar Trivia Winners on the very first try!


Thanks Mary, it was a great party!

And thanks, Sweetie, for giving me that goofy, lovebird feeling, even yet, after all these years.

Until Today

this storm
he says you never see
scrotum in haiku


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Yellow and Green

tiny birds
distracting me –
yellow and green


© Steve Mitchell 2015


Head Down

into the wind –


© Steve Mitchell 2015


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