Heed not Steve

From the Ethersphere

Beatriz:  …also, remember, when someone shares with you their experience of having been injured or demeaned or discriminated against, they aren’t attacking you.  It’s okay to feel discomfort, but resist the urge to defend yourself.  Instead, focus on them.  Listen closely to what they have to say.  Consider the world from their viewpoint.  You don’t need to explain their feelings to them.  You don’t need to say things like, not all people do xyz.  Defending yourself doesn’t help the person who has suffered.  It only helps you.  It shuts down dialog.

Chadward:  Well, not all people say things like, umm, you know, not…all…

Beatriz: ?

Chadward:  Ehh.  I’m just.  I’m a work in progress.

Beatriz:  Fine.

Chadward:  But I get it.

Beatriz:  Good.

Chadward:  Go victims!  Booo oppressors!

Beatriz:  Okay.

Chadward:  You can do it!

Beatriz:  Right, you-

Chadward:  Solidarity!

Beatriz:  Okay, Chadward?  Fine.  Chadward?  Less talking, more listening.

Chadward:  *you got it*…zip!

Beatriz:  Thank you.

Chadward:  You should smile more.

Beatriz:  Siri, activate ejector seat…

Siri:  Alright.  Activating EjectorSeat… *fwummp!!*

Chadward:  aaaaaaayyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Beatriz:  Three points, Siri!  Right in the moat!

Siri:  Okay, here’s what I found about riding the goat.

Beatriz:  Ah, close enough.


© Steve Mitchell 2018



all at once
the rain and my age
in my knees


© Steve Mitchell 2018

By and By

waxing crescent –

he remembers his nails

need to be trimmed



© Steve Mitchell 2018


Stan counts out the cash drawer.  There’s no need, really.  The count is exactly the same as the day before.

“I don’t understand it!”  He yells to no one.  “It’s a foolproof idea!  Right?  Right?  One whole week and not a single sale?  Not one sale!  I don’t get.  I just don’t get it.”

He flips the sign to closed.  He sets the little will return arrow to 6am.  He turns out the lights.  He steps outside and locks the door.

“Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow things will pick up.”

Stan gets in his car.

“Maybe tomorrow.”

He heads for home.  A glowing, neon sign, Stan’s Hotcake Emporium, shrinks in his rearview mirror.



© Steve Mitchell 2018


some days
she squints a little and with
she can see faces
in all the faces


© Steve Mitchell 2018

Can’t Have Nice Things

cool season

well everything changes

nothing does



© Steve Mitchell 2018

Waning Crescent

he sees
the phase of the moon


© Steve Mitchell 2018


a lull
under the tender


© Steve Mitchell 2018

On Hold

tip tap –
waiting for his coffee
to start


© Steve Mitchell 2018

So Far

the world starts
every day the world ends
every day


© Steve Mitchell 2018