Heed not Steve

No Lotus Chatter

who can think?
this TV loud louder –


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Lazy Sofa


summers cheek
to cheek


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Purity of Purpose

if I were

but I ain’t no

outside the
humid heat

and lightning

these summer

my knees ache
from sitting

and I don’t
fight crime

from my sofa
another glass

cheers, to you

but I ain’t no


© Steve Mitchell 2015

By Any Other Name


pull close
and push


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Some Photos of Our Trip to Oak Creek Canyon

My last few posts have been pretty cursory; I guess.  Life went from work, to Father’s Day, to the emergency room, to the hospital, to the north country.  But now we’re back and settling into normalcy.

So.  You all know Lucie had an emergency gallbladder-ectomy on Monday.

Here’s the last photo of my Sweetie with her gallbladder intact:

Who needs all this bile, anyhow?

Who needs all this bile, anyhow?

From the moment they told her she needed surgery, she asked if we’d still be able to make our trip on Tuesday.  Initially, the emergency room doctor told her, No. 

But her surgeon told her she might, depending on how she felt and how the surgery went.  Rigorous camping was out of the question, but a furnished cabin, a couple of hours away, would probably be fine.

She stayed in the hospital Monday night and came home late Tuesday morning and decided the trip was on.  She mostly wanted to go so that Alec would have some sort of trip to remember this summer.  We also invited one of his friends from school, Steven.

It’s a good name.  But he spells it wrong.


It was a nice trip.  But it was hard on Lucie. A week of recuperation, at least, probably would’ve been best, but the cabin was only available this week and the cost was non-refundable.

On to the photos.

We stayed at the Forest Houses Resort.  You have to actually drive across Oak Creek to get to the site.


I felt like I was driving across the Red Sea ride at Universal.

...and the creek parted

…and the creek parted

Our cabin was nicely outfitted.


It had electricity, a full kitchen, a full bathroom, and two bedrooms. It had no TV or radio.  It had no wifi signal and scarcely any cell signal.


Unfortunately, it also had no AC.  The weather, even over 4000 feet, was in the 90’s.  The upstairs got stuffy warm.  I bet, though, in the winter, the fireplaces keep the place nice and toasty.

Speaking of upstairs, the resort warns renters this cabin has steep stairs which might not be suitable for the elderly or infirm.


It’s steeper than it looks…

Luckily, Lucie was able to navigate them.

Here’s the first ever photo of Lucie with no gallbladder:

damn gallbladders are nothing but trouble

damn gallbladders are nothing but trouble

On Tuesday, we explored a little.  The boys went down to the creek but I told them to be back before dark.  They also played several games of Battleship and some badminton and some frisbee.

Lucie and I walked around some but it was still a little too taxing for her, so she mostly stayed in the cabin and read.

On Wednesday, I went with the boys down to the creek and we splashed around and explored.  The water was coooold!




For lunch, we all went into Sedona to try a restaurant Lucie had read about – the Red Planet Diner.  It’s got a wacky space theme, but very good food.


mango smoothie

mango smoothie

We also stopped at a Walgreens and bought a couple of small fans to help cool down our rooms.  We might’ve explored Sedona more but Lucie still didn’t quite have her legs and I didn’t want to navigate the winding road back to the cabin in the dark.

An after lunch siesta for Luice, finally able to sleep on her side.

An after lunch siesta for Luice, finally able to sleep on her side.

Back at the creek, the boys played badminton and frisbee in this little park area.

Back at the creek, the boys played badminton and frisbee in this little park area.

And that’s mostly it.  The boys kept themselves entertained.  Lucie finished the book she was supposed to have read for her book club meeting (which was cancelled because of her emergency surgery!)  I borrowed a book from the office and read some.  I also wandered around and took plenty of photos.

I'm a sucker for vibrant flowers ...

I’m a sucker for vibrant flowers …

On Thursday morning we packed up our stuff and left for the long drive down the hill, but not before Lucie went in for a final look at the creek.  Every day, day-by-day, since her surgery she’s regained more stamina and energy.

She wants to go back when she's up to full strength.

She wants to go back when she’s up to full strength.

And that’s it.

It was maybe not the best vacation, but it was certainly not bad.  All things considered, it was pretty good.

It was a nice little get-away.


too cold
to swim, we skip stones
in the creek
the dragonflies ignore us
our foolishness


© Steve Mitchell 2015

Time for a Cool, Little Get-Away

Lucie’s home from the hospital. She’s doing well

I don’t know where her gallbladder is.

This afternoon, we’re resuming our interrupted vacation and will head north for a couple of days.

The cabin we’ve rented doesn’t have wifi or a cell signal so probably no blogging for me tomorrow.

I thought we lived in the future, but …

Anyhow, Lucie won’t be splashing around in any creeks but she’s cleared for glamour camping.

That’s all. Time to finish packing.

Catch you on the flip side.

Everybody Who Still Has a Gallbladder Take One Step Forward …

…not so fast, Sweetie.


After dinner yesterday, Lucie didn’t feel very good.

By ten in the evening, she was in excruciating pain.

By 11pm, she was still in excruciating pain but we were at the ER.

By 2am, they’d determined she had gallstones and her gallbladder had to come out.

By 4am, she was admitted to the main hospital and was on serious pain medication.

By 11:30am, she was in surgery.

By 1:30pm, she was back in her room at the hospital minus one, each, gallbladder.

As of now, at roughly 9pm, she’s still at the hospital but she’ll be discharged tomorrow morning.

She’s doing well.

And I’m going to bed.


Father’s Day 2015

Hey Dad,

Today, along with a couple of gifts, I’ve been getting kudos for my fathering skills and it’s nice.

But, really, those kudos belong to you because you taught me those skills.

And I appreciate it.

Thanks, Dad.  I love you.

Happy Father’s Day!

circa 1972?

circa 1972?

The Universe Deep and Wide


in this life –
cursed with giant eyes and
little legs


© Steve Mitchell 2015


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