Heed not Steve

Close Pursuit 

a flock of honking
chased by geese


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Thinking Near The Box

I let my mind wander and I try to get all clever and I think to myself, Self, what if there were an umbrella for keeping the sun out?

Hah!  Silly, right?

Then I recall, Oh yeah, that’s a parasol.

Okay, fine.  I press on.  But, what if, while the umbrella kept the sun out, it rained inside the umbrella?

Crazy!  That’s so ridiculous, sun outside and rain inside, but…

It occurs to me – if it were a mist inside, instead of rain, it would feel pretty nice in this hot, dry, southwest summer.  I bet that already exists.  I bet I just reinvented the misting-parasol.

So I look it up.



It’s been done.

Blue Light Special

You’ve maybe heard that the light emitted from your phone and your laptop and your desktop your TV and your interior lighting and your alarm clock can interfere with your circadian rhythms and diminish the quality of your sleep.

Have you heard that?

It’s true.  It’s been studied by scientists.

The blue light found in all those devices is, as far as the body knows, the same as the blue light found from the sun.  When you’re surround by electronic blue light, even after dark, your body behaves as if it’s still daylight.

That’s no bueno.  That’s hard on your health.

Because of that, for years, I’ve wanted some sort of eyewear to filter out blue light at night.  But, for years, all I could find were godawful safety goggles.  If I were single, I might wear those, but I can’t subject Lucie to that sight, me as a crackpot, mad scientist.  I might as well wear a tinfoil hat.

Then, also, my search was thwarted by my ever-increasing, age-related far-sightedness.  What good are blue blocking glasses if I can’t read anything while I wear them?


I’d been searching and searching for non-crazy, blue-light-blocking, bifocal eyewear which didn’t cost too much.

The choices were limited.

Then it occurred to me, does anyone make stick-on reader lenses?

It turns out they do!


Long story only sort of long, I bought a somewhat pricey set of blue filtering glasses, Swannies, and a set of 1.5 diopter stick on lenses from Hydrotac, and they arrived today.




The Swannies have a lot of hype online; they’re heavily marketed.  That normally makes me leery, but I bought them because they have a lot of reviews and the reviews are mostly good.  Also, the makers specify how much of the blue light spectrum the Swannies block (basically all of it,) whereas many of the other manufactures are very vague or only block about 50 percent of the blue light.

I don’t think the Swannies entirely suit my face, but, the quality is good and I guess they look better than big ol’ goggles strapped to my head.  Also, the stick-on lenses work great.

And that’s that.

I figure I’ll put on my science eyes about an hour and a half before bed, every night, right around sundown, and see if I notice any benefits sleep wise and health wise.

I’ll keep you posted.

A Show

is all … ta DAH!
a tree


© Steve Mitchell 2017


Happy Birthday Mom! (2017)

Congratulations on another trip around the sun.

Hey, Mom, why do we never see the backside of the sun?

Give up?

Because, when we try, we see only the moon…


Thank you! Goodnight!!

Seriously, though – Happy Birthday, Mom!

I love you. 

Sunday Stroll




© Steve Mitchell 2017

Your Bones

with sinus drip

a rainy day

in creeps the cold


© Steve Mitchell 2017

Haste Makes Waste…

Why is the Trump administration so slapdash and chaotic?

I dunno – but they sure are rushin’!




get it?!








That’s not funny…

Seeking Vantage



the throne


© Steve Mitchell 2017


hard moon-
my son howls at
his PlayStation


© Steve Mitchell 2017