They Might Know What I Need It For

by Steve Mitchell

A couple of nights ago, I developed a fever blister on my lower lip.  Pow!  It hit fast, with no warning.

Yeah, I know.  Ew.  It’s not what you want to read about.

I’ll drop the particulars and move on.

So, the next morning, I went on line in search of home remedies.  There’s all sorts of varying ideas on the subject.  Most of them revolve around heat or cold or salt or astringents or tannic acids or l-lysine or garlic.  On and on.  You can do a google search and you’ll see what I mean.

Before I even began my search, Lucie (my wife) told me those home treatments never work well and the only effective treatment she’s ever seen, besides prescription meds, is a product called SssstingStop.  It’s used primarily for bug bites and stings.

We had a tube of it forever, and it is really great stuff.  Unfortunately, we now don’t have any.  I told Lucie I’ll have to eventually get some for next time.   She wanted to know, why not get it now?

Well, see, here’s the thing:

I can’t walk into a store and buy a tube of SssstingStop while sporting a big old fever blister on my lip!

I can’t do it.  It’s too personal.  It’s too intimate.

It’s silly I know.  It’s irrational.  But there you have it, a particular bit of my psychology peeking through.

For the same, illogical reasons, I can’t buy shaving products if I’m in need of a shave.  I wouldn’t dream of buying deodorant while I’m smelling ripe.  I’d never buy hair gel with my hair all jacked up.  I couldn’t buy eye drops with my eyes all red.

Food is all right, even when I’m hungry.  Use-it-now type products are all right.  Aspirin is fine because they can’t see my headaches.


I’m a slave to my psychology.  Yes.  I admit it.

All is not lost, however; on her way home from work, yesterday, Lucie stopped and bought me a tube of the SssstingStop.

She loves me in spite of my foibles.  I’m a lucky guy.