Oooh, I Need One of Those . . .

by Steve Mitchell

This past Saturday, I saw “The King’s Speech.”  The film didn’t hold many surprises.  It was, I’d say, gently engaging.

But, while it may have followed a predictable arc, it was good, for what it was.  The acting was excellent.  Also, the visuals were nice and texture-y.  The story was touching and emotional.

So, I left the theater neither disappointed nor blown away.

One thing, though, amid all the stellar and mundane qualities of the film, really jumped out at me:  the King’s formal uniform

In the movie, he was in color . . .

I saw that full dress uniform and thought, Oh I need one of those!

A dress uniform like that, with the sword and the ribbons and the epaulettes and the medals, would trump the hell out of a tuxedo every time!  Not that I own a tux, mind you, but just imagine!

Of course, I don’t want to join the Royal Navy.  And I don’t want to be King.  And, well, they aren’t offering, regardless, so . . .


I’ll just have to make do with a tux.

Oh, and maybe a scepter.