What If Venus . . .

by Steve Mitchell

What if . . .

The Venus de Milo had the ugliest arms ever?  I mean really ugly.  I mean, so ugly the arms made you feel tense and embarrassed looking at them even though they’re only marble – limbs all asymmetrical and twisted and scarred with deformed elbows and beefy, hairy forearms and knobby, crooked wrists and calloused knuckles scrawled with LOVE/HATE tattoos and jagged, dirty, finger nails, and torn weight lifter gloves and oh, oh, and a broken Casio wristwatch held on with rubber bands.

Just . . . ugly, ugly arms.



That’d be unfortunate.

I don’t know much about art, but that wouldn’t be pleasant to look at.

Whoever lost those arms would’ve done the world a favor.

Still beautiful . . .