In 46 Years I’d Never Had This Happen

by Steve Mitchell

At Disneyland, besides wearing my kilt, I wore sunscreen.

I wore lots and lots of sunscreen.

It seems, every vacation, I get a little lazy about the sunscreen and I end up burned on my nose or my neck, especially my neck.

Not this time.

No, Sir!

Each morning I put sunscreen on my face and ears and neck and arms  … and knees.  I hated the sunscreen; it felt oily.  It never quite dried.  But it worked.  No sunburns for me!  I’m a responsible, non-burned citizen!

Except, wait a minute.   On day two, in the evening, while I washed my hair, I discovered something.

What the . . . ?

My scalp had burned along my hair’s part!

Ouch!  I actually had blisters, just along that tiny exposed bit of scalp.


I’ve never, ever, before in my life had my scalp get sunburned.  It never occurred to me such a thing could happen.

I’ve got a lot of hair.

I figured there were two things at work there.  First, my hair was held rigidly in place with gel and never broke free and moved around as it normally does.  And second, because my neck and face weren’t at all burned, I stayed longer in the sun than I might’ve otherwise.

So I learned something.  A lot of hair doesn’t do any good along the part, where there is  . . .  less a lot of hair.

And here’s the things – I’d considered taking along a hat because I didn’t want to have to buy a hat at the park, but then I thought to myself, Self, there’s no need for a hat.  You’ll be wearing sunscreen and your hair will protect the top of your head.


So.  On day three, I had to buy a hat.

touristy and understated

touristy and understated

It wasn’t really too expensive given the location and it’s a pretty nice hat.  If I have to wear a Disney character, I don’t mind an old school Mickey.  I could wear this hat in a non Disney environment.

But, I don’t think I’ll ever wear it again to Disneyland.  Between the hat, and my bright red polo shirt, and my ticket lanyard, I had two different people, in a one hour time span, mistake me for a park employee and ask me for directions.

In 46 years I’d never had that happen either.