Alec Walked in for a Consultation and Walked Out with Braces

by Steve Mitchell

Here’s another item into the time capsule:  today Alec got braces.

It’s been on our List of Things Which Need to be Done but Which Will Cost Us A Bunch of Money for quite awhile, but he’s at he right age to get them, so we went, this morning, for an initial consultation with an orthodontist recommended by friends.

At the orthodontist’s office, everyone was very nice.  They took photos of Alec’s teeth and examined him and measured his bite and described his various malocclusions.

Then they discussed the process and the fees and, voila!

In to the chair with him for braces on his upper teeth.  He’ll get braces on the lower teeth and elastics in about seven weeks, on his next visit.


Alec is facing about 20 months of braces, and springs and rubber bands and adjustments.

We’re facing a pretty manageable payment plan.

It was simple and now we just have to show up and pay on time and Alec has to keep on top of his dental hygiene.

I feel guilty, though, because Alec’s older brother, who just turned 25, also needed braces and wanted them in high school and we, as parents, couldn’t get it together for him.

There’s reasons and excuses.  But, mostly, in all honesty, the fact is; Lucie and I aren’t very organized or effective at getting things done and we were less so ten years ago.

Cos has had to endure the steeper side of our learning curve as parents and adults and it isn’t fair to him.

If I had a time machine, well . . . I’d likely screw up the space time continuum and wreck the universe as we know it.

But Cos would have straightened teeth.


This time machine only travels to the future.

Alec, when you look back, or when your kids or grandkids look back, this was the day.

This was the day you got your braces.

officially a teenager

officially a teenager