In the Heat of the Date Night

by Steve Mitchell

It’s Sunday and I’m not at work which is awesome.

I’m not at work because I took the day off so Lucie and I could stay out late last night, which we did.

I’ll tell you about it.

But first, I have to just mention, one of my recent poems You Needn’t Read This has been Freshly Pressed!


To the new visitors here, Welcome!  I’ll be exploring all of your new-to-me blogs over the next few days.  It’s fun!


Anyhow, regular readers know Lucie and I do like our date nights.

Last night, we had a wonderful evening.

First, we went downtown to Hanny’s for dinner with the Mysterious Mr. M and his wife, the Lovely Ms. L.

The weather had cooled to a brisk 106 degrees.

It’s always fun double dating with them.  Hanny’s used to be a women’s clothing emporium.  Back in the 80’s, Lucie bought a dress from them for her Junior Prom!

Now, it’s a swish and swank restaurant and bar.  The food was pretty good.  They don’t make the best Caipirinhas, we discovered, but they had a DJ playing great music which made for a relaxed and groovy ambiance.

After dinner, Lucie and I headed to the Crescent Ballroom to see Peter Murphy in concert.  It was maybe the eighth time(?) Lucie and I have seen him perform, either solo or with Bauhaus.

It was a good show.

And the Crescent Ballroom is a great venue.  It’s small and crowded, with a super awesome staff.  We had some problems and confusion cyphering out our reserved seats since the will-call list didn’t provide that information and we hadn’t printed it.  We had to surf the ether with our phones and go to ticketfly to get a copy of our ticket info.  The staff was very nice about it.

In this day and age, you can be two places at once.

Back to the meat world, it was warm inside, with wall-mounted, oscillating fans doing their damnedest to cool things down.  And, at one point during the concert, Lucie lamented the fact we couldn’t even step outside to cool down as it was still over 100 degrees outside!  I wore my wool kilt, and was prepared to be murderlized by the heat, but it wasn’t bad – from what I could see, everyone was murderlized and I maybe had it better than most.  There was even one guy wearing a suit!  Although, he wasn’t wearing a tie, so…

I digress.

Lucie and I enjoyed the show but decided not to stick around for the meet-and-greet.  She had to get up early Sunday (today) and it had been a long day for both of us.

And, this time, we didn’t spend much time looking at the concert through our smart phones, preferring to be in only one place at once.  Lucie took just a few pictures.  I took one.


the view from our seats …

I won’t go into how we finished the evening; that’s nobody’s business but our own!  But it was, from beginning to end, heat and parking and ticket snafus included, a wonderful evening!

Thank you, Sweetie, for a delightful date night.  I love you.