And a Hint of Chipotle

by Steve Mitchell

Ooh, so a there’s a burp, sharp with onion and celery.  That’s what I get, I guess, when I buy a chicken salad sandwich from a vending machine.  You just grab it, scan it and pay.  It’s the honor system and I’m honorable.

But, four dollars and sixty cents would buy enough bread and peanut butter for more than a single sandwich.  That’s what I get, I guess, when I neglect to bring my sandwich.

Which is what happens when I have to make my lunch early in the morning, before work, foggy while the coffee brews.  That’s what I get, I guess, when I forget to make my lunch the night before.

Which hardly ever happens, all this forgetting and neglecting.

But, ooh.

Another burp.

Nine grain.

Excuse me.


in his head
the universe and all things
but, oh, except that …


© Steve Mitchell 2014