Okay, Well, That’s Good

by Steve Mitchell

I watched some of Apple’s live feed today as they announced their new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

I won’t go into the details.  I will say I’d like an iPhone 6.  It has some nifty features I want.  But, I already knew I’d probably want an iPhone 6.  I don’t think I’d need or want the iPhone 6 Plus but I’d have to see it in person to know for sure.

I was really, mostly, curious about the rumored watch.

I still don’t know if I want an Apple Watch.  It’s kind of neat.  It has a bunch of health-related apps and functions.  It also has some nifty features.  But, it’s pretty expensive.  It’s not as sleek as I’d like.  I have small wrists and a love/hate thing with watches.

Oh, and I’m left-handed.

As I viewed the live feed, as they discussed all the features and functions of their watch, I waited and waited for them to mention whether there’s a left-handed friendly version or feature.

The Apple Watch has a crown dial, just like old school watches.  It’s used for zooming and navigating and if you were to wear the watch, in a normal right-handed orientation, on your right wrist, you’d have to reach across the watch face to turn the dial with your left hand, just like with old school watches.

I’ve spent many miles awkwardly winding and setting watches on my right wrist, but it’s still better to me than wearing one on my left wrist.


With a software watch face, surely you could just rotate the user interface 180 degrees.  Then the crown could be on the left side of the watch, albeit on the lower left instead of the upper left.  That’d be fine.

So I waited and waited and they never mentioned it, not even a single sentence, not even so much as “There’s also a left-handed mode.”

And I didn’t like that.  Apple would’ve made me very happy with just a single nod, a single acknowledgment.


It turns out, according a reporter at the event, the Apple Watch does have a left-handed mode and, also, isn’t really too awkward even in right-handed mode on the right wrist.

That’s good to know.  That gives me more to think about.

I still don’t know if I want one.

Eventually, I might.