by Steve Mitchell

Don’t get us wrong.  We love him.  We still love him.

I guess we’ve always known.  We saw the signs.  He harbors so much anger, so much insecurity.

We never discouraged him his capes, his gauntlets, his … the jackboots.

He’d sign his friends’ yearbooks with the phrase, You Fools!  SEIZE HIM!!

I don’t know they were ever really his friends.  But he’s a leader.

He’s a super villain.

And that’s fine.  We love him.

It’s just hard.

It’s awkward at his island lair.  We make small talk and it’s nice to visit.  But, well, you know, it comes around – he fights the super hero.

And he’s always,





a cold moon –
the sunlight made


© Steve Mitchell 2014