Frayed Knot 2: Return of the String

by Steve Mitchell


So, twenty minutes later, the string returns to the bar, all tangled and disheveled, in disguise, and orders a beer.

The bartender starts to get the beer then stops, “Hey, aren’t you that same string that was in here before?”

There’s an uncomfortably long silence.

The string says, “Yes.”


“Now hold on,” says the lone bar patron, “I wanna see this.  I’ll buy.”  He slaps a five on the bar.

“Well, okay then.  Sure.  I guess it’s your lucky day, String.”

The bartender gets a beer and sets it on the bar.

The bar patron looks down at his phone as it buzzes. “Holy Crap!” He yells.  “That’s my neighbor.  My house is on fire!”  And he rushes out of the bar.


© Steve Mitchell 2014