Hey, Wait a Minute …

by Steve Mitchell

So, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and candy.

And, the thing is, I realize I’ve only gone trick-or-treating, what, maybe six or seven times in my life?  Maybe eight.  I don’t recall, exactly.

Sure, I’ve been to a number of parties, and I’ve dressed in many costumes.  I’ve carved many pumpkins.  I do have fun.


And I’ve walked my kids around various neighborhoods and stood back in the shadows while they begged for candy.

But I’ve only gone out and knocked on doors and rang doorbells and trick-or-treated for some seven Halloween bags worth of candy (and apples and pennies and popcorn.)  That’s it, just seven bags worth of Halloween candy goodness.


With the exception of a few years here and there, I’ve handed out candy most every year since I was thirteen.  I’ve handed out bags and bags and bags of candy since I was thirteen.

I’m now 46.

bags and bags and bags

What the heck?

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not complaining, but …

I believe I am due several bags of candy.

Thank you.