by Steve Mitchell

Gustav Keller sits at his desk under the stark lights of the offices of TransJectory Vector Propulsion Labs, Inc.

He sighs.

Sami Patel looks up from his own desk under the same stark lights.  “What’s wrong, Gus?”  He asks.

“Oh, man, I don’t know.  It’s – yeesh.  These extrapolations have me coming and going.”  He taps his pencil.

“Are you using the Neuburg template?’

“Yeah, but -”

“Because we’ve gone over the Neuburg template.  Remember, I showed you?”

“You showed me, but I’m still kind of hazy.”  Gustav shrugs.

“Well, it’s not rock-” Sami stops himself.  “Wait.  It is rocket science!”

“HahaHa!  Rocket science!” says Gustav and he high fives Sami.

“Ahhaha!”  Answers Sami. “Rocket science!”

“Good one!”

“Ahh.  I never get tired of that.”  Sami wipes a tear.

“That’s fun.”

“Good times.”

“So, anyhow … yeah.”  Gustav frowns.  “It’s hard.”


© Steve Mitchell 2014