I Kicked Off My Time Off With a Full Tilt Date Night

by Steve Mitchell


Starting today, I have about a week off from work.  This Tuesday is mine and Lucie’s anniversary.  We’ll have been married 20 years.


So, anyhow.  I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday.

I got home from work and procrastinated a bit and drank some coffee.

Then I did a fast and hard work out.


Then I got ready for my date night with Lucie.

Her gym, Orange Theory Fitness, held a going away soiree (at a bar called Loco Patron) for one of the instructors and Lucie and I went.  We called it a ‘datish’ night since it was kind of date, kind of a gym club party.

And we had fun.  We stayed long enough for two drinks and some street tacos and some mingling and chatting.

Then Lucie and I decided to head off to another local bar, the Yucca Tap Room.


It was well after happy hour, but everyone sure seemed happy.  We were able to get a booth and we yelled over the music and enjoyed being out together.

I had a stout then Lucie brought me a single malt.  They have a good variety of the beverages.


After some quality time alone, Lucie digitally checked us in and we saw on the FaceBook our friends Barry and Isabel were enjoying a small get together at their place.  We’d been invited but had already committed to the Orange Theory party.  So, we texted them and asked if we should still come over and they said yes.

And off we went.

And once there, Lucie plied me with more whisky.  She plied me; I tell you.

Do you believe me?




I may have had a small hand in my own corruption.

It matters not.

We had fun.  We socialized into the dark, dark hours and talked too loud and got home late with a bag of take out food and we finished our date … well, a gentleman never tells.

It was a wonderful, hard-charging, date night.

And this morning, after less than five hours of drunken sleep, I felt it.

I hadn’t had a hangover that bad in years.

It was a grade-A-military, young-and-stupid, run-it-on-empty, take-no-prisoners hangover.  It was just shy of a please oh please I promise make it stop oh please please please no more hangover.

It’s almost enough to make one feel nostalgic for one’s ill spent youth.



It was a fun (if painful) way to start my vacation.  We hit it hard, like rock stars.

Thanks, Sweetie.  I had fun.  I love spending time out with you.

But, this Tuesday, on our anniversary, I don’t think I’ll drink …