Tea Tree Oil and Smooches

by Steve Mitchell

Hey Sweetie,

Check us out, with our bad selves, married twenty years today.

Kudos to us!

It doesn’t feel like twenty years.  It feels like more and it feels like less.

Is that clichéd?


But it’s true.


I look forward to the day, some decades on, when we’ve logged enough years for people to ask us our secret.

Then I’ll just make stuff up and talk nonsense.  You know how I am.

The secret is … write little notes to one another and, no, wait!  

The secret is tea tree oil.

Because, really, there’s no secret.

It’s all down to respect and honesty and attendance and synergy.

It’s the knowledge we could lose it all at any time just like any one can lose it all at any time.

So we make the effort; we always make the effort.

And it’s hard and and it’s wonderful.

And you’re wonderful.

I’m so lucky to have you, Sweetie.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary!