Want to Compose a List of 10 Tips? Here’s a List of 10 List of 10 Tips Tips

by Steve Mitchell

The title of the post says it all.

What would the interwebs be without all the helpful lists of tips?  I know I benefit from all the handy lists of helpful tips and I’m sure you do too.  If you’re like me, you’re roughly, bilaterally symmetrical and, more importantly, you want to contribute your own list of 10 tips to the bountiful flow of 10 tip digital wisdom.

But how to proceed?

It’s easy!  Here, for you, are 10 tips to help jumpstart you on your list of 10 tips making way.

9 – always start with number 10

10 – well, whoops

8 –  put tips in your list of tips

7 – attention detail

6 – you may be tempted to write tiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptip – but don’t

5 – feed a cold, starve a fever?

4 – content content (not to be confused with happily satisfied subject matter)

3 – no fair stalling

2 – include ten tips in your list of 10 tips

And, voila!

There you have it – ten easy-to-follow tips sure to make your next foray into tip list making a successful one.

No, no, please, you’re too kind.

Thank you!