Bright Fire

by Steve Mitchell

I see a coworker almost-yell a complaint.  He’s older and thin but not quite frail.  He paces down the aisle, anger in his stooped shoulders.

I walk the same aisle and think, I could take him.

It’s a stupid thought.

I don’t fight.  I don’t ever fight.  He could maybe ring my bell.  Who knows?

Anyhow, this coworker isn’t often angry.

But, well.

Everyone at work gets angry.

Everyone in the world gets angry.

And I think – there’s never a second when someone, somewhere, isn’t angry.

But what if, for just a scant, bare, microscopic iota of moment, no one anywhere in the entire foot-stomping, breath-holding, curse-swearing, stink-ball, rolling-blue world was angry?

It could happen.

It’s maybe happened.

Would we feel it?


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© Steve Mitchell 2014