Happy (belated) Birthday, Dad!

by Steve Mitchell

All day yesterday I’d think to myself, Oh, Self, it’s Dad’s birthday.  I’ve got to wish him a happy birthday.  And then I’d get sidetracked and forget.


I don’t normally go on all sentimental to my dad.  I think the only person more uncomfortable than me carrying on about my dad would be him listening to me carry on.

But, I should put it on the record.  He’s one of the good guys.  He’s a good, good guy.

Oh, sure, he’s not an angel.  He can be ornery and mischievous and cranky, and I learned some of my best curse words from him.

But, I always felt safe.  And I’ve never seen him take unfair advantage.  I’ve never heard him speak a bigoted word.  I’ve never seen him lie or steal or cheat.

He really is one of the good guys.

So.  Anyhow.

I hope your birthday was a good one, Dad.  I love you.

Happy Birthday!

circa 1972?