Change Once and for All

by Steve Mitchell

If you want to tell people what to do, make it sound as if you’re telling them something deep and wise.  It’s not bossy; it’s helpful.

look to the sun
but never
at the sun

People need to be told what to do, right?  People are lost.  If you or I know what people should ought to do, then we should ought to tell them what they should ought to do!  Right?  Am I right?

be a strong tree
in this forest of
…. trees

Instead of getting angry, people will thank you!  They’ll sort of squint their eyes and nod their agreement.

today’s grey sky is
tomorrow’s blue sky

Well, they might not thank you so much on the outside, but, on the inside, they’ll be grateful.  And they’ll change their ways.  They’ll turn over new leaves!

And, you and I both know, once a person changes, they stay changed.

beautiful old leaf