Somewhere Somehow

by Steve Mitchell

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year.

No, Sir.

But, man, the holidays did a number on me.  Sometime around the end of November I realized I had to let my kilt straps out a notch.  And I noticed my pants, which had started to fit all loose, no longer fit all loose.


I blame the cookies …

and the candy …

and the booze.

And I blame myself.

I’d somewhere, somehow, quit paying attention to my diet.  And I’d somewhere, somehow, quit meditating every day.  And, although I continued to exercise hard, I’d somewhere, somehow, decreased the duration of my workouts if not the intensity.

Also, and then, on my last dental visit, this Monday last, they found a small cavity … in one of my teeth.


What to do?

I got the cavity filled.

I’ve resumed my daily meditation.

I’ve pulled back from the comfort foods.

I’ve upped the duration of my workouts and, hopefully, the intensity too.


It’s how it goes.

It all goes in circles.

No resolutions here.

I’ll just keep on keeping on.