Small Talk

by Steve Mitchell

Man, I bet those guys on Jupiter think they’re all great, what with all their moons.

We’ve only got one moon.

How many moons does Jupiter have?  100?  Three?

And their moons have names!  I don’t know what all  – Ios and Eos and Blinky and Doc and I think maybe Galahad, Bartholomew, Johnnie and Clyde.


There must be nothing but moonlight on Jupiter.  Any romantic thing you could think to do, any time of day or night, you could probably do by moonlight on Jupiter.

You could probably drink beer and eat burritos and play bocce ball by moonlight on Jupiter, whenever you want.

Think of it!

But, I don’t want to live there.  No.

I bet Jupiter is lousy crawling with poets, wan, forlorn, moonstruck poets, moaning and flittering and fluttering, lovesick and yearning.

Who needs that?

Oh, and all the werewolves, too.


how are you?
the moon


© Steve Mitchell 2015