If I May Rant a Bit …

by Steve Mitchell

Not for nothing, I would gladly pay higher taxes for socialized medicine.

When I was in the Air Force, all I had to do when I needed medical or dental attention was get permission to leave work then show up at the base hospital.

There was very little paperwork and I never saw an invoice.

In contrast, today I received a balance bill for a physical Alec received 11 months ago.  The bill is for less than 25 dollars but, what the heck?  Nearly a year after the fact, they decided to send us a bill in effect saying, oh yeah, you also have to pay this much more.

I looked it up and Arizona doesn’t have laws restricting balance billing for PPO’s.


Also today, I received another incomprehensible EOB form from our dental insurance provider – this is not an invoice – It’s obtuse and confusing and loaded with opaque codes and tables of billed amounts and negotiated amounts and member responsibilities (!) for services provided I-don’t-know-when.

It’s for our records.


Insurance, while necessary, is not our friend.

It’s none of it designed to be easy or helpful.

It gives me an itch in my craw.


That’s all.

/end rant