Sparks and Shadow

by Steve Mitchell

If we step back … no, farther.  No, step back farther.  Go back, back, back …keep going.  Keep going.  No, still not far enough.  Back.  Yeah.  That’s it.  Step back more.

It’s for perspective.





I don’t think we’re gonna get it.


But.  Anyhow.

If we step back far enough and look at our history, all of the history, all of everything, the sky and the moon and bugs and flowers and monkeys and trees, and see how compressed our history is, you know, compared to the scope of all of time, it might seem as if all of our everything is only one something.

It’s maybe just one something, one event, with sparks and sparkles and color and people and meteors and galaxies.


And, so, well.

It’s something to ponder on the way to work.


a blade of grass
in the shade
in the grass


© Steve Mitchell 2015