The End

by Steve Mitchell

At last, finished!

Dr. Malfor sits back from the workbench and surveys his latest invention, a tangle of charred wires and burnt tubes in an oak box with a brass push-button.

He has invented the Stop Everything Button.

He nods and wipes sweat from his face.  He opens his journal and writes a fast note.

He slaps the journal closed and drops it.

“This is big,” he says to his cat. “This is very, very big.  But, you, my murderous friend, are not concerned with the whims and responsibilities of man.  Hmm?”

The cat ignores him.

Dr. Malfor nods again.  He stands in front of the button.  He inhales through his nose and exhales through pursed lips.

He holds up one finger.  He stretches out his arm, and, with a deliberate, dramatic arc, he pu



© Steve Mitchell 2015