Fun Factory

by Steve Mitchell

Last night, Lucie and I went to the Phoenix Art Museum to see an exhibition of portraits by Andy Warhol.

We had our usual fun.  We’re all about the fun!

I always enjoy date nights with my Sweetie.

The only downside to the exhibit was the prohibition of any photography.  It killed Lucie.  She wanted so much to take some photos.  And her pain was made worse by all the rule-flaunters snapping quick, brazen, cell phone pics.


Also, my beer cost six dollars and Lucie’s drink cost eight.


On the upside, it was a great exhibit.  I had no idea how much texture is evident in many of his works, with strong, visible brushstrokes.  And the exhibit included some of his earlier pencil studies and photos from his childhood.

Also, last night was a big see-and-be-seen event with a major nod to the Factory.

Quite a few attendees dressed big, in their pop art best.

Lucie dressed big, too.  She wore her platinum-blond wig from Halloween, and a feather boa, and rhinestones galore, and bedazzled sunglasses.

She looked awesome.

And she was a hit.

She had several people ask to take her photo or to be in a photo with her and folks raved over her outfit.


Are those glasses vintage?


Usually, when we go out, she has to endure folks stopping me about my kilt.

She’s a good sport about it.

But last night, even with me in my kilt, she was the center of attention.  I imagine it was a nice change of pace for her.  I know it was for me.

It was a fun evening.

It was a wonderful date night.

As always, thanks, Sweetie!