How Much for the Future?

by Steve Mitchell

Today, I could’ve worked on fixing our vacuum cleaner.  I should’ve worked on fixing our vacuum cleaner.  Instead, I sat and watched the live stream Apple springtime computer gala presentation show.

I’ve been eager to know when the Apple Watch will arrive and how much it will cost.

Now I know –  next month and a lot.


Since my first post pondering the Apple Watch, I’ve full-tilt talked myself into wanting one.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I’ve never been an early adopter – DVDs were on store shelves for months before I had any idea what they were.

You mean they’re like CDs with movies on them?  huh.

I resisted a mobile phone for years.  I resisted a smart phone for years.  I still don’t use bluetooth headsets.

And then …

and then.

I discovered how much these devices can do!

I scarcely use my phone for phone calls but I love browsing the web and looking up information and texting and taking photos and making notes and drawing my doodles and, well, here … I made this doodle, from my sofa, on my phone:




It seems to me the Apple Watch, like Apple Pay, is a great convenience waiting to happen, waiting for the world to catch up to its potential.  I want that convenience!  I want that simplicity!

But, ouch, the price.

The gold edition Apple Watch with the midnight blue leather band, my favorite to look at, clocks in around the 15,000 dollar price range.

That’s right out.

I can’t even contemplate that amount for any watch.

The stainless steel Apples Watch with the sapphire glass start around $550.

The aluminum ones with the hardened glass start at $350.


I’ll know better when I’ve looked at them in person, but I think aluminum it is.

If it were an heirloom jewelry piece, I could see spending an extra $200 or more for a watch I’d keep for decades.

But, it’s a computer – it’ll be old news in two years and antiquated in six.

Maybe I can get another band to class it up for dressier occasions.

Maybe not.

I’ll make those decisions more with my heart than my head, I guess, in April.

In the meantime, it’s the phone.

And I’ve asked Siri to remind me, tomorrow, to fix the vacuum cleaner.