by Steve Mitchell

A gruff voice on the slack breeze and all rush to fall in, to stand in the sun, in their line, in the heat, and wait with eyes squinked.  They stand, side by side, in their line, in the heat, until that gruff voice.

Any one of you who thinks you’re a TEAM player, take TWO steps forward!

And the line falters and waves.  There’s an agony of a beat, then Jones, intrepid Jones, takes two steps forward.

JONES!  Goddamn Jones! WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Team Player? Who do you see to your left? Who do you see to your right? NO ONE! NO ONE, Jones!  You’re two steps from the team. You’re two steps ALONE! Now get yourself back in line!

And Jones, intrepid Jones, gets back in line.

she watches
a gopher pull dirt
onto itself


© Steve Mitchell 2015