Personal Clutter

by Steve Mitchell

Yeah.  Dang Clutter.

I carry a lot of stuff around in my pockets every day.

What do I mean by stuff?

Well, I’ll tell you.  Here’s 1000 words:


jingle jangle

I carry work keys in one front pocket.  I carry house keys and the car key in the other.  I carry a thick, beat up trifold in my back pocket.  And I carry a big ol’ pocket knife in that first front pocket.  Oh, and pocket change, when I have it, goes in with the knife and work keys.

It tears up my pants and I jingle all the time and I’m tired of sitting on that wallet.


I’ve begun Operation De-Clutter.

After a week or so of crawling the inter webs and reading reviews and hemming and hawing, I let loose the debit card digits.

Here’s what I ordered:

  • A front pocket, leather, ID card wallet made by the Saddleback Leather Company.
  • A key holder made by Orbitkey.
  • A smaller pocket knife made by Spyderco (the same style and brand as my current knife but just a bit smaller.)

And today, the first de-clutter tool arrived –  the key holder from Orbitkey.


no more jingle

Notice the keys?  I really only needed two work keys, my toolbox keys, so the rest will stay at work.  I retained all of the house keys but one.  I don’t know what door that key opens, so I put it in a drawer along with the dog tag I’ve been carrying since forever.


no more jangle

This key holder is made of TPU and you can get it in a few different colors. Orbitkey also sells leather holders, in different colors, but I didn’t want to spend the extra money and I liked the look of the texture on the TPU.

So far, I dig it.  It’s nice and compact, no more getting stabbed in the groins by my keys.

But I think I’ll remove the extra key attachment doo-dad.

And I also wish the edges were smoother and beveled.  That’d be a nice touch and would give the holder a sort of worry stone feel in the hands.

In any case, Operation De-Clutter is underway!