by Steve Mitchell

Here I am again.

My eyes stop on a woman.  She’s older, with a nice figure.  Otherwise, she’s unremarkable, except she’s wearing one red sock and one green sock and a loaded bandolier.  And she has a Heidelberg scar.  And she has a bright, blue beehive.  And her hair is bright pink.

She has lipstick on her teeth.

She sees me and snarls, “Take a picture.  It’ll last longer.”


I take a picture.

Then Manny, owner of Al’s Photo Emporium Kiosk, says, “Hey!  That ain’t free.  Put it back!”

So I put the picture back.  It’s a photo of the woman, dressed exactly as I see her, only without the bees.

And I don’t know.

I can’t help but feel I was set up.

there it is
a dog chases its tail
there it is


© Steve Mitchell 2015