That Was Fast – They’ve Sold Out of Apple Watches

by Steve Mitchell

I guess I’ve made a hobby of wanting an Apple Watch.  I don’t know for certain I’ll ever buy one but I want to.  As it stands, I intend to.

The wanting is half the fun.

Yesterday, the Apple Watch became available for pre-order and, according to the interwebz, it promptly sold out.  The more popular (less expensive) sport models are now backordered until at least June.

I hadn’t, in any case, planned on buying one until I can see them in person and I’ll be out of town when the first watches ship at the end of the month, so nothing much has changed for me.

I knew I wouldn’t rush headlong into an Apple Watch.

But I kind of wanted to.

Now I’m afraid I might lose my head of steam and be all sensible.

That’d be a heck of a thing!