Yesterday and Tomorrow

by Steve Mitchell

Well, tomorrow I set off for more postal equipment training in Norman, Oklahoma.


I’m going to fly.  It’s only two weeks; I can manage without transportation.  And I’m not taking my laptop.  It’s old and tired and the battery is swelled up.

So, instead, along with my phone, I’m taking an iPad (we have a first generation iPad with wifi only) and a mini travel router.  There’s wifi in the lobby of the hotel but it doesn’t reach above the second floor.  I hope the router works.  I don’t want to burn my cellular minutes watching funny cat videos on FB.

We’ll see.

That’s tomorrow.

Today, however, is all about yesterday.

Heh, see what I did?

I didn’t have to work yesterday so I was able to go on a 5k Color Obstacle Run with Lucie and Alec.  I’d never done a 5k.  I’d never done a color run.

It was fun.


The event was hard to find.

And it was a hot day.  And the foam was canceled.  And the terrain was dusty and uneven.   And the first obstacle (they were all inflatable) came apart and threatened to collapse within the first five minutes!

We skipped that obstacle.

Here’s Lucie, Alec and me before the run.  You can see the ill-fated obstacle in the background.  My sister and one of Lucie’s friends were on our team and with us in the photo, but I don’t know if they want to be pictured in the blog.

ready to go

ready to go

run, run, run... crawl, crawl, crawl...

run, run, run… crawl, crawl, crawl…

climb, climb, climb...

climb, climb, climb…


fin – we’re all winners!

I nearly managed to make it through without getting any color on me!

I tried, but they got me.

So.  Again, we enjoyed the experience but we’re not likely to sign up for another even at that location.

Afterwards, we grabbed some burgers, then scooted on home and to get cleaned up.

Later in the afternoon, Cos stopped by.

Here’s me and the boys kicking back with the snacks.  Lucie would’ve had an easier time herding cats for this photo.

Look that way?  Which way?  This way?

Look that way? Which way? This way?

We lounged around for a time, then Lucie and I went to a CD release party/birthday-get-together at Alice Cooperstown in Phoenix.  Cos came along later.

The birthday party was for our friend Barry.  His daughter dates a member of the punk band Skull Drug and it was their CD release party.

Unfortunately, Lucie and I were too beat to stay up until midnight when Skull Drug went on.

No spring chickens, we.



Here, briefly, pictorially, is our evening.

one of the bands we were able to stay awake for...

one of the bands we were able to stay up for…

more cat herding ... which way?  That way?

more cat herding … which way? That way?

Me and Cos

Me and Cos and a double photo bomb

Walking to the car...

Walking to the car… don’t worry kids, the street was closed off.

drive, drive, drive...

drive, drive, drive…


A fun evening and a fun day. Thanks Sweetie!