It’s Been Awhile Since My Watch Wearing Days

by Steve Mitchell

So, let’s say, hypothetically, you get a new watch.  Oh, I don’t know; let’s call it a smart watch

And let’s say it’s a pretty cool watch and you dig it even if you’re not a power user. 

And let’s say one morning, a morning like this morning, the band feels annoying on your wrist, just irritating  And you finally get around to looking at the band and you find it’s digging pretty hard into your wrist. 


You might find yourself worried.  You might wonder if your wrists have somehow swollen.   Thoughts of cardiac failure might flit through your mind.  

How can your wrists suddenly be so swollen?   Was it the mosquito bites on your arm from the night before?  Is it some sort of medical catastrophe?  

What is going on?

What is happening here?


It might be, upon waking, while getting dressed in the fog of sleep, you’d inadvertently fastened your new, smart watch one hole tighter than usual.