And Now Some Unsolicited Advice…

by Steve Mitchell

Here’s the thing.

In my opinion, purely my opinion, it’s best not to use the word “just” when declaring why people do the things they do.

“He just goes to glee club to meet girls.”

“She just drives that car because her friends said it’s a good one.”

“He just wants those shorts so he’ll have an excuse to go swimming.”

It’s rude.  Who are we to declare why people do anything?  Who knows what’s in the hearts and minds of anyone?  I don’t.

And even if we’re close, even if we’re dead-on accurate, adding the word “just” is dismissive.

It’s like saying:

“He doesn’t belong in glee club.”

“She’s doesn’t know what car is right for her.”

“He doesn’t need those shorts.”

Maybe our hypothetical friend wants to sing and to meet girls while doing it.

Maybe our other friend drives her car because her friends said it’s good and it fits her budget.

Maybe our swimming friend is going to go swimming regardless and is looking for the best shorts for the job.

We don’t know.  It’s not our place to say.

My advice?

Don’t worry why folks do what they do, but if you must, leave out the “just”.