An Epic Tale of Madness and Valor

by Steve Mitchell

One morning, while seated in the parlor with his paper and his tea, Simon heard a knock.

*knock knock*

Simon put down his tea and stood near the front door.  “Who’s there?”  He asked.

“Little Old Lady” a man answered then giggled.  His giggle sounded like “hee hee!”

“All right,” said Simon.  “Come in.  I’ll just open the door …”

“No, WAIT!”  yelled the man. “Don’t open the door!”

“But -‘

You don’t even know who I am!”

Simon considered this.  “You’re a little old lady.”

Do I sound like a little old lady?” asked the man.

“No, I suppose not.”

You don’t know who I am.  Find out more information.  You have to find out more information before you open the door.”

“What sort of information?”  Asked Simon.

You know.  Find out my last name.  Ask me something like ‘Little Old Lady Who?'” 

“Ahh,” said Simon, “you’re a yodeler, then?”

Dammit!  Umm.  Wrong house!  Gotta go!”

And the man’s leather shoes slapped the road as he ran.



© Steve Mitchell 2015