Today, Tuesday, My Sunday

by Steve Mitchell

Let’s see.

Today Tuesday.

I took Alec to his dentist appointment this morning.  They made me fill out the medical forms again.  Why?  Don’t they still have the info from before?

I didn’t have his social security number handy.  I couldn’t remember his physician’s name and number.  Luckily I had the insurance information.

Those forms drive me nuts.  But the visit was free.

His cleaning went fine.  They had to work around his braces and springs.  The hygienist accidentally poked him in the gums a couple of times.  She recommends we get him a  good electric toothbrush to help with his back teeth and between all the brackets and braces.

So that’s on the list.

Back at home, Alec and I binged watched the rest of season 3 of Walking Dead on Netflix.  He’d caught up to where I’d left off, so now it’s all new to me.

It’s more fun watching it with him than watching it alone.  We goof around and crack wise.  Alec is smart and funny.

Then I went and got my haircut.  I’d been wearing it a little longer on top, but it kept falling in my eyes at work, so I dialed it back.

It’s 109 degrees farenheit outside right now.

After my haircut, I went to Trader Joe’s to get bread for my lunches this week.  I also bought cream because I’d seen a recipe for what’s supposed to be the best scrambled eggs ever but it needs cream and you have to cook the eggs for about 30 minutes.  Maybe I’ll cook some right soon as a snack before a late dinner.

The Trader Joe’s where we shop has new terminals and Apple Pay works on them.  I paid with my watch!  It was mighty cool.  I still had to choose debit or credit and, since I chose debit, I had to enter my pin and okay the amount and say no to the cash back.  But the watch just worked, easy as can be.

The future, it is coming!

When I got home, I threw in some laundry and washed some dishes.  Alec volunteered to finish washing them for me and that’s all right.

While he finished the dishes, I sat at my blog and recapped the day,  Tomorrow I go back to work, my last week before a two week vacation.


And that’s mostly it.

Tuesday, my Sunday.