Idea into Action

by Steve Mitchell

We’ve finished our dinner, chicken and broccoli.  I’m on my second glass of wine.  Alec, teenage Alec, sees something on the TV and decides he’s still hungry.

“I want a grilled cheese sandwich.”  He declares.  “Dad, how do you make a grilled cheese sandwich?”

“You butter the bread on the outside.  Put one piece of bread on the grill, butter side down, put the cheese on that, put the second piece of bread on that, butter side up …”

“Then you grill it and flip it?”  He asks.


“I’m gonna make one.”


And he does.  We only have extra-sharp cheddar.  At first he worries the cheese isn’t melting, but it all comes together.  He flips the sandwich a few times to make sure.

Then he eats it quicker than he made it.

in the dark –
no rain but
lightning strikes


© Steve Mitchell 2015