We’ve Secretly Replaced …

by Steve Mitchell

Okay, so the madness doesn’t end.

You probably remember I bought an Apple Watch Sport back in May.  And you might remember I wasted no time in coveting the stainless steel version.

Well, today, my eBay purchase of a pristine, scarcely used, stainless steel Apple Watch arrived.  I spent more than I was looking to spend, but I got a great price which included the watch, the Milanese loop band, and an extended, two-year AppleCare warranty.

I really, really, like this watch.

I felt sentimental and a little sad when I un-paired the first watch, but … I really, really, like this watch.

I tried the Milanese loop band and it’s great, but it’s too fancy for where I work, so I’ve put the black sport band on it.

Here’s the new watch:


Not much different to look at, but a little fancier.

Lucie may or may not use the old watch,  She doesn’t like to wear things on her wrists, much.  If she does’t use it, we’ll sell it.

And speaking of where I work, I think there’s a very good chance no one at work will even notice it’s a different watch, a more expensive watch.   

And that’s just fine with me.