Oh, You, Evaporation!

by Steve Mitchell

Okay, so, it seems today is National Scotch Day.


Sure, it’s another under-the-radar celebration created solely for selling the booze, but, I’m okay with that.  After red wine, whisky is my favorite booze.  Oh yes.

You might remember Friday was National Tequila Day.  I enjoyed a small libation, in celebration, and one was enough.

Also, on Friday, I skipped my workout because my knee was all aggravated.

Well, today, my knee is still not 100 percent.  But, it’s much better, so I went ahead and exercised.  We’ll see if I pay for it tomorrow.  It should be fine.

Regardless, today I can celebrate guilt free.



It’s too early to start in on the Scotch.  And, it seems all of my single malts have … evaporated.

But, no fear!

For later this evening, I still have a very nice Japanese Suntory blended whisky. While it’s not technically Scotch, it’ll do.


Hey, Good Looking, I'll be back to drink you later!

Hey, Good Looking, I’ll be back to drink you later!