68 Months Later…

by Steve Mitchell

Well.  I guess it’s time to retire my current pair of motorcycle gloves.

I bought them in January of 2010.  They were expensive but well made and comfortable.  I fully expected to develop a sentimental attachment to them.

I never did.

did ride the bejeezus out of them, however.

Here’s what they looked like new:

Photo 99

thin and soft

thin and soft

I didn’t use fancy filters or photo frames in those days.

Here’s what they look like now, many, many miles and some five years later:


That’s some hard miles, there, Lou…

not so soft

not so soft

They’ve held up great, particularly considering I’ve done nothing to maintain them.  I’ve just worn them.  I’ve worn them in the cold, hot, rainy, foggy, sunny, dark, etc., etc..

And, they’re about done for.


Is it drafty in here? I feel a draft…

I could maybe get that seam repaired, or try to do it myself, but these gloves have had a good run.

I mentioned I never developed a sentimental attachment to them.  That’s primarily because of the the safety wrap which tied the pinky fingers to the ring fingers.  It’s a good safety feature, but it makes the gloves unwieldy off the controls. I can’t flex my fingers or stretch my hands wide.  The gloves are only good in a dedicated, motorcycle control position.


I’ve ordered a new pair of gloves, a less expensive pair, a pair with most of the same features but without the safety wraps, a pair which won’t likely last five years.

We’ll see.