Start the Countdown … NOW

by Steve Mitchell

My new motorcycle gloves arrived today.  I spent considerably less money on these gloves than I did on my previous pair.

The previous pair, however, lasted a whopping 68 months in all conditions before finally wearing a hole in one finger.  I don’t think these new gloves will last so long.

So, I’m marking the day, with this post.  When they do wear out, I can refer back and see just how long they lasted.

If they last half as long as my previous pair, it’s a wash.


Here’s the new gloves:

Joe Rocket Flexium TX (discontinued) extra-large, red and black

I like the red.

I like the red.

The fit is snug, but not too tight, not as tight as the previous gloves.  Some of the reviews I read complained the gloves are too tight, which I figured would be perfect.  I have thin hands and long fingers.  i need the snugness of a large and the length of an extra large.  These fit pretty well.  They should break in easily.


a bit o’ perforation…

They’re all cowhide and have plastic armor bits instead of carbon fiber.  The armor is less substantial but presumably sufficient.



I haven’t ridden with them yet.  That’ll start tomorrow.  I think they’ll be comfy; I’ll be able to stretch my fingers on the bike again, at last!

I’m not too optimistic about them lasting more than a couple of years.

But, we’ll see.

The countdown starts … now.