I Bought a Pocket Square, Too

by Steve Mitchell

So, I bought a used suit on eBay.

Heh, it sounds like the setup for a joke.  So, I bought this used suit on the eBay…

But, really, I bought an inexpensive, used suit on eBay.

I bought a suit because the price was right and I don’t have a suit; I outgrew my only suit, years ago, when I quit smoking and gained 30 pounds.

Then the moths ate it.  It was a good suit, too, an expensive suit, probably tasty.

I digress.

I need a suit because every man should ought to have a suit, and because Lucie and I are going to a friend’s wedding in October.  I like shopping on eBay because I can browse all the measurements and scrutinize the photos and I don’t have drive around town and resist upselling salesmen.

Um, I’m not the one doing the upselling.  It’s the salesmen.  You get it.

Where was I?

This suit is some old, long-forgotten, department-store brand in wool. It’s brownish charcoal.  It’s plaid.  It looks something like this:


actual photo of actual suit

Okay, yes, it looks very much like that.

The fit is pretty good, but a little boxier than I want.  I’d like a more tailored fit.  So I’m going to take it to a well-reviewed tailor in the area to see what he can do.

I’ll try to take before and after pics of me wearing it.


Fashion is treacherous.  I’m very accustomed to the navy blue suit I had.  It was safe.  Navy is a can’t lose color in a suit.  It’s a suit-of-all-trades.  And my old Air Force blues were also, well, blue.

This brown/charcoal business is scary, though, as is the plaidness.  It’s scarier to me than my kilts.

Except it’s not.

I bought it because I like it, fashion be damned.  I guess if I can wear a kilt in public, I can wear a brown suit, especially a well-fitting, tailored, brown suit.

And besides, eBay isn’t going anywhere.  I can always keep my eyes open for a nice, used, navy suit.


A man should ought to have two suits.