Future Soup

by Steve Mitchell

“Waiter! What’s this robot doing in my soup?”

The waiter stopped and glanced down at the soup, “It will dissolve soon, Sir. Occasionally, a quality control nanobot makes it to the table. They are entirely harmless and flavorless, and are constructed of non-toxic, food-grade, organic materials. They’re designed to dissolve after reporting to the mainframe. If it’s a problem for you we can certainly replace your soup.”

The patron scowled. “No, not that robot. This robot!”

“Where- Oh! Oh my! That isn’t a robot, Sir. That is a fly. Let me remove this dish immediately.”

“You say it’s a fly?”

“Yes, Sir, it is.”

“I want a second opinion.”

“Very well…you’re ugly, too.”


© Steve Mitchell 2015