Tattoo You or, no, umm…Me

by Steve Mitchell

If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably, at least once, thought to yourself, Steve, (that’s what you’d call you if you’re at all like me,) Steve, what would I look like with a tattoo?  Nothing fancy, mind you, just a simple, elegant, unobtrusive, tattoo – how would that look?

I don’t really go in for tattoos, but I’m a curious guy.  People are curious creatures.  How would I look?


I tried it.

You can too.

It went like so.

In order to find out how you’d look with a tattoo, all you need is a little bit of rendering skill, a photo, and some photoshoppery.

First, I went on the webs and found a suitable tattoo on  This one is free for non-commercial use:



That’ll do nicely.

Now, here’s where the rendering skills came into play.

With a digital drawing app, I created an exacting, finely-detailed, high-definition, precise portrait of myself.  It took awhile, but I was rewarded for my patience.



That was the hard part.

All that remained was a little photoshop magic to combine the two, bingo bango, and, voila!, me with an elegant tattoo.


job interviews are for squares…

And that’s all there is to it!

You know; I’m not sure why I drew my hair so gray.  Maybe I’ll go back in and touch it up.


Now, that you’ve seen how simple it is, you can try your own tattoos.

It’s easy!

Have fun!

your results may vary

your results may vary