Today, the 16th of September, 2015

by Steve Mitchell

Just a couple of quick items for the old time capsule.

Today, Alec got contacts.  He’s still getting used to seeing his face clearly in the mirror.

He hasn’t told anyone at his school.  He’s just saying he forgot his glasses.  He wants to see (see! get it? see?) how long it’ll take his classmates to realize he’s functioning without his glasses.

He’s 14.  It’s fun.

He’ll be 15 in a couple of months.



Unrelated to Alec and his vision, I bought a french-cuffed, dress shirt on eBay and it arrived today.  It’s used and British and the collar is tighter than comfortable, so I have to get an extender.  The price was right, though.  And, otherwise, it fits nicely.

I bought it to wear with my eBay purchased suit for our friend’s wedding next month.

Now, I’ve been putting off getting the suit tailored, because I’m lazy that way, but, when I tried the coat with the new shirt, it (the coat) fit great!

Back to Alec and his vision, even he said “It looks great!”


Have I gained weight in the last two weeks?  I don’t think I have.

I’ll have to measure my neck and my chest and my waist and see what’s going on.

Regardless, if I stay just as I am, and get a collar extender, the suit will work fine as is.  That’s nice.  That’s money saved.

And that’s all for today, September 16, 2015.

Oh, except I upgraded to ios9 but I haven’t played with it much yet.  And the watch os2 has been delayed.

And , now, that’s really all for today.

Good night.