The Pleasure of Her Company

by Steve Mitchell

On Sunday, Alec left for a class field trip.  He won’t be back until tomorrow.

That left me and Lucie child free so we took advantage.

We luxuriated in the uninterrupted alone time.  We wallowed in each others’ company.

We went out and about.

On Sunday, we went out, spur of the moment, and saw Metalachi, a mariachi band which covers heavy metal tunes.  It was silly and fun and loud.  And they’re good musicians.  I didn’t get any photos.

Then, yesterday, we enjoyed a mini staycation in Phoenix.  We stayed at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa, just for one night, just as a little getaway.


Outside the front entrance…

Our plan was to hang around the rooftop bar or the swank restaurant/bar and drink leisurely all day long and spill ourselves into our room when we could drink no more.

But, we never did that.

We checked in around 3:30pm.  We were peckish but had dinner reservations to Durant’s, a well-regarded, local steakhouse, and we didn’t want to ruin our appetites.  So we went to the swank restaurant/bar, intending to eat just a little, and … we ruined our appetites!  I had tacos and Lucie had carne asada and I had a beer and Lucie had sangria, and we decided we’d better bump our dinner reservation from 7:15 up to 8pm.

Too full and tired to drink anymore (tired from being out the night before,) we went up to our room and lounged around about and watched cable TV and tried not to fall asleep before dinner.

our room

our room

our view of the was too stormy a day to swim and we forgot our suits, anyhow

our view of the pool…it was too stormy a day to swim and we forgot our suits, anyhow

We’d brought a bottle of wine but never opened it.

At eight, we went to Durant’s, a Phoenix institution.  It’s been in operation since 1950.  The Rat Pack used to eat there.

We didn’t know it, but it’s Arizona restaurant week and Durant’s is participating.  We both enjoyed three course meals, with wine, for about the cost two entrees.  Nice.

But we rolled out of there full, full, full.

The bottle of wine remained unopened.  The swank restaurant/bar remained under-visited.  The rest of the evening we spent in our room, wallowing, again, in each others’ company.

This morning, we had vouchers for free breakfast at the hotel restaurant, but we were too sleepy and too unhungry to avail ourselves in time.  We slept in and lazily got our stuff together for checkout.

Lucie, putting on some makeup...

Lucie, putting on some makeup…

Selfie.  You can see my kilt in the closet; I wore it to dinner.  What's that on the bottom of my boot?

Selfie. You can see my kilt in the closet; I wore it to dinner.

Before we headed home, we stopped and ate some non-free breakfast.

And that was that.

Once home, Lucie took a nap (she has class tonight).  And I updated my apple watch software.  I didn’t dare take a nap, because I’ve got to get to bed early tonight.  It’s back to work tomorrow.



I look forward to Alec’s return tomorrow evening, but we had a delightful, child-free weekend.

Thanks, Sweetie.  I had a wonderful time!