by Steve Mitchell

Corto walked the fire path, his benk in tow.  He stopped when he saw Rilt.  “What are you doing, Rilt?”  He asked.

“I’ve got a buzzle; it’s remote control.  Look how high it flies!”  Rilt showed his buzzle, then launched it.  If flew overhead in fast, precise circles.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that,” said Corto.  He pulled up the slack on his benk’s leash.  “Murfus will try to eat it.”

“He can’t catch it.  He’s on leash.”  Rilt turned a knob on his controller.  The buzzle banked a hard right.

“He’s a four-legged, spring benk,” said Corto.  “He’ll catch it.  He’s very determined.  Spring benks are known for their determination.”  Murfus whined and strained forward.

Rilt laughed.  “The buzzle’s too fast!  Murfus is on a leash.  Quit worrying.”

“It’s not a good idea.  Down!  Down boy!”

Rilt laughed again.  He pulled a lever on the controller.  The buzzle stopped and hovered, then shot towards Corto.

“What are doing?”  Corto yelled as he ducked.  The buzzle flew over his head.  Murfus broke free from Corto’s grip and dashed after the buzzle.  “Make it stop!”  Yelled Corto.

“I can’t!  It’s not working!”  Rilt worked the various buttons and knobs.

The buzzle flew low and fast with Murfus close behind.

“The volcano!”  Corto cried.

“I can’t stop it!”

“Murfus!  Stop!  Stay!  Murfus!”

The buzzle followed the contour of the volcano, up the lip, then straight down into the mouth.  Murfus, his jaws stretched open, followed.

“Murfus!  Noooo!  Oh no!”  Corto stopped.  He spun and punched Rilt in the chest.  “You killed my benk!  I told you they’re very determined!  Why didn’t you listen?”

The volcano belched.

“Look!  It’s Murfus!”  Rilt pointed.

Corto turned and saw Murfus riding a plume of ash and rock.  As they watched, Murfus sprang with grace from the plume and landed on the fire path.  He trotted back to Corto.

“Murfus!  Good boy!  You’re alive!  You did it!  What’ve you got, Boy?”

“He’s got my buzzle.  Make him open his mouth.”  Said Rilt.

“Open, Murfus.  Give it.”

Murfus opened his mouth and spit forth … a George Washington quarter, circa 2015, United States of America, Earth.


© Steve Mitchell 2015