WouldaShouldaCoulda Have

by Steve Mitchell

Do you remember my $70 eBay suit, the one I felt needed a bit of tailoring but then, when I tried it on again, with another shirt, I decided didn’t need tailoring?

Well, the wedding was Friday evening and when I dressed for it I thought to myself – Self, this suit needs tailoring.

Alas.  I had to wear a cruddy, ol’ untailored suit to the wedding.

It was fine; don’t get me wrong.  The wedding was wonderful and fun and no one cared one iota about the fit of my suit.

But, you know; I didn’t feel like a million bucks.

I wanted to feel like a million bucks.

Instead, I felt like pretty much what I was, a middle-aged dude wearing an off-the-rack suit.

I’ve been spoiled by the made-to-measure awesomeness which is my kilt.  It always looks sharp, no matter what I wear with it.  It’s hard to make it look casual.  I surely didn’t want to wear my kilt to the wedding, though, since I’m only acquainted with the bride (she’s Lucie’s friend and former coworker) and I don’t know the groom and his family at all.


Like I said, Lucie and I had a great time, and the suit served it’s purpose.  I can still get it tailored for the next time I need it, whenever that may be.

And I’ll feel like a million bucks.