Halloween Party 2015

by Steve Mitchell

Last Saturday, we went to the Halloween extravaganza party thrown by our friends Barry and Isabel.  This is the 21st year of the annual event!

Holy Moly

This year, Lucie and I were both smacked hard with a nasty bug in the weeks before the party.  The party kind of snuck up on us.

No matter.

We got better.

On to the party!

Lucie went as Boy George and I went as Adam Ant.

Karma Two Shoes

Karma Two Shoes

hat and braids

Boy George Braids

Boy George Braids

no one under the age of 30 knew who I was...

no one under the age of 30 knew who I was…

Lucie spent a tremendous amount of work bedecking an eBay jacket for my costume, but, on game day, we decided the jacket didn’t fit well enough and the costume looked better without it, so I went without it.

left all alone on a Saturday night

left all alone on a Saturday night

Lucie also spent a great amount of time helping our older son, Cos, with his costume.  She bleached his hair and curled it and helped with his turtleneck .

He went as Mugatu from the movie Zoolander.  Alec went as Zoolander, umm, also from the movie Zoolander.  

This photo of them has well over a hundred likes on his Facebook page.


the dog is a loaner from another party guest

Here they are, in the final stages of their ginger-bread-man-eating contest.

It was a tie.

Still chewing … It was a tie.

We didn’t win any prizes this year.  The competition has ramped up considerably in recent years.  It doesn’t matter, though.  It was the fun.

Thank you, Barry and Isabel.

We had a great time!