Okay, It’s Petty; I Know

by Steve Mitchell

Lucie and I just refinanced our home loan.  We dropped down to a lower interest rate and to a 15 year mortgage.  Our new mortgage payment is a little higher, but well save a ton of money over the long term.

It’s nice.

Anyhow, ever since we closed on the new loan, we’ve received letter after letter from no-name banks trying to sell us mortgage protection life insurance.

It’s annoying.

What aggravates me most about these letters, though, is the shady, sneaky way they try to trick us into thinking it’s a document from our original loan provider.

Every letter references the name of our lender prominently while using language designed to sound as if we’ve forgotten to supply some vital information or intimating we haven’t taken advantage of part of our loan.

Nowhere do they out and out lie.  It only takes a second or two to scan the letter and see what’s really on offer.

But, it bugs me.  It offends my sensibilities.


Because most of the letters also include a postage-paid, self-addressed, return envelope, and because I work for the USPS and am happy to see more mail volume, I’ve decided to reply in kind.

I tossed the letters but saved the reply envelopes.


postage will be paid by addressee

Then I created a cease and desist letter using the letterhead of the US Attorney General’s office.  Note, I don’t claim the letter is from the AG; I put ‘regarding’ on it.  That’s clear, right?


I hope it throws a momentary scare…

It’s petty, yes, and clunky, sure.

It’s stooping to their level.

I’m not proud of myself.

But I’m sending the letter out, nonetheless.

Oh yes.

And Lucie has some confetti which I might add as well.